5 Amazing Places to Eat in Quito, Ecuador

Aside from the history, culture, art and architecture, Quito has a outstanding food scene. From street food to fine dining there is something for every budget. The restaurants in Quito serve not only typical Ecuadorian dishes, they also serve local fare with gourmet twists, like the llama spring rolls (pictured above). But it’s not only about the fancy restaurants, simple but decadent pleasures like those found in La Ronda: empanadas de viento, homemade ice cream  and street foods like a hominy drink called morocho are also things to be savored.

Every single place we visited in Quito had three things that make an experience enjoyable and unforgettable: Delicious food, friendly staff and excellent service.


Here are a few culinary experiences you should try in Quito, you will not be disappointed:

Cedrón at Casa Gangotena

Cedrón is without a doubt, one of the finest restaurants in Quito. Cedrón’s chef Andrés Dávila gets creative with Ecuadorian dishes and presents them in exquisite forms: from the appetizers to the dessert every single dish at Cedrón was to die for. Empanadas, an array of homemade hot sauces sure to satisfy every palate, fresh juices and cocktails, and orgasmic desserts like chocolate molten lava cake, homemade chocolate, and alfajores (pictured below).


The experience we had a Achiote was one of a kind because we were able to take a cooking class, in which I learned how to make llapingachos- potato patties (pictured below) while others learned to make ceviche. Fresh fruit juices, ceviche, they even have CUY on the menu! (Guinea pig for those adventurous souls out there… I must say I haven’t been one of them).


Octava de Corpus



A wonderful host, delicious locally sourced and organic  food, an impressive array of wines, you will love Octava de Corpus. Located in historic Quito, Octava de Corpus’ charm is definitely its host, Mr. Jaime Burgos, and its ambiance. You will feel like you are entering a friend’s home, not a restaurant. And if you’re a wine lover, well… their selection is quite impressive featuring wines from literally all over the world: Italy, France, Chile, Argentina and more!

Their food is delicious:


and the wine cave:


Vista Hermosa

Vista Hermosa‘s menu includes the delicious traditional comfort foods like humitas (similar to corn tamales), empanadas de verde (plantain empanadas) and empanadas de morocho (hominy empanadas), drinks like canelazo (warm rum drink with naranjilla). One of the best things about Vista Hermosa is, like its name states, its beautiful view of the city. It offers a 360 degree view of Quito, and on Saturday nights it has a great band playing salsa and other music, you can even dance! The ambiance is definitely great, it’s a place where you will find locals and tourists alike.


La Ronda

La Ronda is a MUST if you visit Quito and make sure you eat all the great stuff they have, especially the empanadas and the ice cream at Heladería Dulce Placer.



Bonus! Like I mentioned, don’t forget the street food– it’s so delicious!

Quito was named one of the top places to visit in 2016 by Lonely Planet. Add it to your bucket list!

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Ladydee’s Note: I was part of a press trip to Quito in 2015, however, no compensation was received for this post. It reflects my honest opinions.
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