7 Things You Must Do in Quito

Earlier this month I visited Quito, Ecuador. I hadn’t been to Quito since I was 10 years old so it was practically like visiting it for the first time. The Quito Tourism Board really did an outstanding job to show us the best that Quito has to offer. Every moment was special, but if I had to pick, here are the 7 experiences that you must do in Quito. (Start planning!)



1. Take Tren Ecuador train to Machachi.

The train ride on Tren Ecuador was full of folklore: music and dancing, delicious food, a visit to an 18th century hacienda and much more. Kids will love it and adults will to! Check out my post on Tren Ecuador here.tren ecuador 2

2. Visit, eat and shop at La Ronda. La Ronda is a street in the historic center that is filled with food, artisans, games and music. Tip: Don’t miss the Dulce Placer ice cream shop!




3. Visit el Panecillo.

El Panecillo is the name of the small hill where La Virgen de Quito stands. This Virgin is the only Virgin depicted with wings, a perfect example of how Spanish and Andean cultures came together. When the Spaniards told the indigenous people that Mary was in heaven, the only logical thing for them was that she would have wings in order to get to heaven. The structure has more than 7000 aluminum pieces and was made in Spain and brought over and assembled in Quito. When you go inside you can read about how it was built and also see beautiful stained-glass windows depicting other Virgin Marys.

4. Visit the Middle of the World, the historical one and the ACTUAL one (aka the Museo de Sitio Intiñan)




 5.  Check out the San Francisco Market.

San Francisco Market is a real market where quiteños buy their  meats, cheese, eggs, medicinal juices and can even visit an herbal medicine doctor!


6. Visit the churches.

Quito is rich in colonial history, with buildings and monuments that date back to the 16th century! Make sure to visit La Compañía de Jesus and San Francisco.


7. Go on the Teleferiqo.

Unfortunately when we went it was cloudy and rainy BUT when it is not cloudy you have a great view of the city. You go up from 3,117 m (10,226 ft) to 3,945 m (12,943 ft). Getting up to the top takes about eight minutes. There is also a chapel to la Virgen de La Dolorosa up there which is very pretty.

There are plenty of other areas worth exploring near Quito too! Stay tuned for more on traveling in Ecuador!  

If you have any questions or want more info on Quito (or want an amazing recommendation for a tour guide!) feel free to reach out! Also check out my pics on Instagram by checking out my hashtags: #ladydeelginQuito and #ladydeelginEcuador

You can also get more information about all things to do in Quito on Quito Tourism.


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Diana Limongi
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  1. Nice list Diana! I’m back in Quito now. I spent 3 months here last year and another few months here this summer. El Panecillo was awesome and worth the hike up there. I also wanted to recommend Itchimbia Parque which is a short hike from the Historic District. Awesome views of the entire city and a nice park to relax in for the day.

  2. Did you visit Rumicucho while you were there? We’re visiting Ecuador for a very short time and I’m trying to figure out if we should take the time to go see the ruins!

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