Meet the Lady

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Diana, aka Ladydee to my close family and friends (and now you!)

I’m a Latina New Yorker with Ecuadorian roots, married to a Frenchman. Yep, I went all the way to France to bring him back, and in case you’re wondering if he proposed on top of the Eiffel Tower, I hate to tell you that it was much less glamorous than that– I actually proposed to him! Lucky for me, he said OUI.

I’m mom to Enzo, whom you have probably already seen all over this blog and elsewhere on social media (the kid is busy, he even has his own Instagram account) Enzo is six years old and we are raising him in a multilingual home. I speak Spanish and my husband speaks French to him, and he started learning English at daycare when he was 2.5. So far it’s working! He is currently in a Spanish dual language program.


Enzo moby cab
Out for a stroll in NYC


I’m also mom to Sofia, who is just shy of three months. Sofia is a happy baby who is being breastfed and who met Gloria Steinem when she was in the womb. I like to say that she has been a little activist since she was in the womb!

I work full-time. I hesitate to say I’m a working mom because, guess what? ALL MOMS are working moms, even if they are “stay at home” moms. So let’s just say, I work outside the home. (and inside the home too, if you count the laundry and other duties that I’m horrible at, but that I try to do nonetheless.)

I have two graduate degrees. I obtained my first graduate degree at the University of Kent in Brussels. It is in Migration Studies. My thesis was a comparison of Second Generation French Arabs and Hispanic-Americans. I find integration issues incredibly interesting and complex.

I got my second Masters degree in Policy and Nonprofit Management at NYU Wagner School of Public Service.


ana flores latism
Ana Flores and I talk #inspirecare at Latism ’13

I started blogging in 2012, when I had some “free time.” (I know, I know– what is that?!)  Initially I wanted to share my experiences raising my multilingual son, but then I realized, well– I have opinions on everything, so I thought I’d share! I’m kidding… I actually realized that I could use my blog, online writing and social media to advocate for issues I am passionate about, such as healthy food for children, flex time for working parents, paid maternity leave, and to support Hillary 2016 Democratic candidates running for office.

Blogging has brought tremendous opportunities to my life. I’ve met wonderful people and I get to share my parenting adventures with you on different outlets I write for! Check me out on BabyCenter, Hispana Global.

When I’m not working, I’m blogging, writing, advocating for bilingual education, teaching my son Spanish.

I like to eat chocolate, drink wine, tweet, make lists of the places where I want to go on vacation, (ask my husband and he will tell you– Diana is either on vacation or planning a vacation!) and watch Scandal. (Have you seen Scandal yet? If you haven’t, get on that asap.)

Sipping margaritas in Mexico


Why LadydeeLG? 

My nickname since I was about 15 years old has been Lady, an uncle gave it to me, probably making reference to Lady Diana Spencer (Princess Diana who I was actually named after).  This happened during the time when we were just discovering the internet, Ladydee was my first AOL name! It stuck and most of my family members call me Lady, or Ladydee, and some people call me Dee.

When I was starting my blog I decided to go with Ladydee.  LG = Limongi-Gabriele which are my maiden and married names. (because I can’t just pick one!)


Are you interested in working with me? Contact me to discuss opportunities for brand ambassadorships, conference sponsorships, sponsored content or ads. You can email me at diana @ 

I look forward to hearing from you!