Getting my closet FINALLY organized!! Review and #Giveaway

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I have always been an overall messy person…. Especially in my closet. I have memories of my mom yelling at me to pick up my clothes.  I’m not going to lie—it hasn’t gotten better with age. Now that I’m married, it’s been the cause of arguments. I lose things, I spend time looking for things, I accumulate things. I need to get organized. (I think I also need a walk-in closet, but that is for another post.)

Last year, one of my (many) resolutions  (and it was number one on the list!) was to be more organized… in everything in life, particularly with my clothes. When I moved into my new home I actually lost closet space (but gained a backyard!) so I think I never really figured out how to make the best of the closet space I do have. I actually have to tackle this closet issue head on because I just got back from vacation and I still have a suitcase full of clothes to put away.

When I learned that my fellow blogger Janice Correa had written a book entitled “How to Organize Your Closet” – it was as if the universe was telling me “Get to it, Diana.” The timing couldn’t have been better.



Janice’s book is an easy read with great tips and easy solutions. A great piece of advice is to make an inventory of your closet—because let’s face it, when it’s a mess, do we really know what is in there? I definitely don’t!

What I love most is that she tells you what you probably don’t want to hear—like it’s time to get rid of that dress that is 3 sizes too small and that it is time to let go. (My words, not hers.)

Janice also provides great advice on things you would never think about (or at least, I hadn’t!) For example, she says not to keep the dry cleaning in the plastic bags they come in… and she explains why!

She also gives great tips on what to do with those unwanted articles of clothes—she really thinks outside the box!

There are a lot more tips to check out!

Do you want to get organized? Share what your biggest closet problem below and you could win a free copy of  the e-book “Getting Your Closet Organized” by Janice Correa.

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