My Struggle with Clutter and How I’m Going to Beat it

I’ve been messy my whole life. Yep. Always. My mom used to yell at me and tell me I needed to be more “ordenada.” (literally meaning orderly.) She would move my stuff and I’d get furious because (as many messy people will tell you) there is a method to our messy madness. If I had left my jeans in X spot and she moved them, I’d know– I’d go look for them where I had left them. Of course, when I was a teenager it was easier because my stuff was pretty much confined to the room I shared with my brother. Once I got my own apartment the clutter and mess has pretty much spread through the apartment. It’s not all my fault. I blame 75  percent of the clutter in my house to unwanted stuff like stupid paper mail. Virtually ALL of my paper mail is JUNK. It just stays unopened and fills my drawers.


Last year if I remember correctly I said in 2015 I was going to get organized. Well, 2015 is about to end and I can tell you there’s little progress that has been made. The thing is I need to get it under control. I’m determined. I want to stop spending time looking for stuff. So, I’ve taken the first step. I’ve started reading Marie Kondo’s book, The life-changing magic of tidying up  Japanese Art of decluttering and organizing. and  I’ve heard it’s been life changing for many people around me… not people that I read about in magazines or bloggers I don’t know, actual people I KNOW!

marie kondo

I know I have to take time to organize, say goodbye to the clothes I don’t use anymore, say hello to a clean space. The hardest part for me is the junk mail and drawers full of paper. I can’t be the only one, can I?

I’m determined to do this! People I know have done it and say it’s life changing. I’m ready. I’ve even created a board on Pinterest to help me: Organization and decluttering!

Follow LadydeeLG’s board Organization, decluttering and tips to keep your house mess-free on Pinterest.



Have you struggled with clutter? Have you read Marie Kondo’s book? Was it life-changing for you? I’d love to hear your experiences!


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Diana Limongi
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