5 Reasons why JetBlue is The Best Airline for Kids (and Adults!)

5 Reasons to fly JetBlueI think JetBlue is the best airline for kids… and for adults as well! Why? Well, in an age when most airlines want to charge you for EVERYTHING JetBlue doesn’t. Not only that, but their customer service is excellent. Let me repeat that EXCELLENT. While other companies’ customer service leave much to be desired… (one airline comes into mind in particular but I will not name names)  JetBlue has managed to provide good service at affordable prices.

While sometimes prices might be cheaper elsewhere, sometimes the customer service and experience alone is worth it, so whenever possible, I fly JetBlue, even when I fly alone!

If you are a parent trying to decide what airline to choose, JetBlue is the way to go, here are 5 reasons why.

1. Your first bag is FREE. When you’re flying with kids, carry-on bags can be a hassle. It is just one more thing you have to worry about. If you can check your luggage that leaves you more hands to carry everything else (your kid, his toys, blankets, pillows, etc.) If you check your bag that also means that you can go through security a big quicker. Isn’t that what we are trying to do, make things easier for ourselves? *** UPDATE (2/17/2016) your first bag is no longer free — but they have bag check in options and cheaper than other airlines — $15 if you purchase with ticket.

2. THE MILES. If you haven’t heard of JetBlue’s great miles program, True Blue, you don’t know what you’re missing! Recently, I was able to take my son and mom to Walt Disney World on JetBlue miles. I paid maybe $15 in fees, and the rest in miles. Their miles don’t expire, there are no black out dates, and they are transferable. How did I rack up all the miles? I signed up for American Express’ JetBlue card. If I’m going to be using a credit card anyway, I might as well get the miles for it! There is an annual fee ($40 at the time of this post) but it is TOTALLY worth it.

3. THE SNACKS. JetBlue offers free snacks, and if you have the Amex JetBlue card, anything you buy on the flight is 50 percent off. I’m not a big fan of snacks, but when I’m traveling it’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about packing extra stuff, and if I forget something, I know JetBlue can help me out.

4. JetBlue’s family friendly policies:

JetBlue will courtesy gate-check any of the following: strollers, car seats, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, or crutches. There is no limit to the number of assistive devices a customer may transport as carry-on or checked baggage, within reason.

Additionally, this courtesy is extended regardless of whether the customer is traveling with the infant/child or is meeting the infant/child at their destination.

Breast pumps are permitted as carry-on baggage and are exempt from carry-on restrictions.

5. Entertainment: Every seat has a TV and children’s programming. If they don’t (which happened on our flight to Disney World) they will send you an email and say how sorry they are, and offer you a credit for the hassle… JetBlue is also working to install wi-fi on all their aircrafts.

Note: JetBlue doesn’t offer pillows or blankets to their customers, but your little ones will probably prefer their own blankies anyway. They do sell some blankets for $5 (2.50 if you have the Amex JetBlue card.)

Do you love like JetBlue like I do? Tell me why!

(Note: This is not a sponsored post.)

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