A Day in St. Remy de Provence

a day in St Remy de Provence

St. Remy de Provence is a picturesque village in the South of France, about 20 km from Avignon. We recently spent an afternoon in St. Remy so I wanted to share my finds with you!

Famous people associated with St. Remy: 

Michel de Nostradamus was born here in the 16th century 

Vincent Van Gogh spent time here.


Here are some tips and photos to inspire you to visit St. Remy:

Where to eat: Un été a St. Remy de Provence.

12 rue Lafayette 

You may miss it, if you don’t look closely enough– it’s an ice cream shop (“glacier”) and creperie but they food is excellent. Check out our dishes: 

My son got the kids’ meal – pasta carbonara with one scoop of ice cream for dessert (10 euros!) 

I had the stuffed tomatoes and zucchinis, with camargue rice. So good! 


What to buy:

Make sure to support the local merchants. There are no big chains in St. Remy, and you will find art galleries and boutiques with items “Made in France.”

Check out the market. Market day in St. Remy is Wednesday, when there is a big market with a variety of food and non-food items. There is a much smaller food market on Saturdays. Make sure you try all the yummy produce, olive oil and saucisson. (To get the most of provencal markets, make sure to read my tips here). 

st. remy de provence

You will find seasonal products at the markets, like these beautiful tomatoes: 


What to do: 

Walk around the streets and take photos! 

When you are in Provence, make sure to check out the windows! I’m a bit obsessed. You may think these pretty shutters are just decoration, but NO! In Provence shutters are used to keep out the sunlight and the heat, and because there is A LOT of sunshine, they sure come in handy. People in Provence open and close their shutters daily. 


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