My Favorite Things to Do in Malta

Malta is a group of small islands in the Mediterranean that will take your breath away. It is a multicultural city rich in history. I wanted to share my favorite places in Malta with you, I hope it inspires you to visit this beautiful place.

Here are my favorite things to do in Malta


My favorite things to do in Malta

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is in Comino. You have a few options to get there: You can take an organized tour, or you can take the ferry yourself. The latter option is the cheapest, but if you take a tour (we did this) then they take you to see other things in Gozo, and they explain things along the way.

You can definitely do it yourself but if you do a tour then it takes out the guessing of figure it out (which I think is helpful the first time around).  The only thing about a tour is that then you will be rushed, which kinda sucks.

If I had to do it again (and I will, because we LOVED Malta!) I would probably take a ferry in the AM and hang for a few hours without being rushed. Be warned though: This is a VERY touristy spot, and it is extremely crowded. There are definitely other options and many types of ways to get there. There was one boat that had a slide on it that went right into the water!

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto, not to be confused with the Blue Lagoon, (The Blue Grotto is on the island of Malta) is a pretty area of the prettiest blue water you ever did see. You take a little boat (eight to a boat) with a Maltese fisherman and he takes you out to the Blue Grotto. The boat ride is cheap, about $8 for adults.



Explore Gozo.

So, people say life is much more laid back in Gozo than in Malta. It’s a much slower way of life. (Funny to me since I’m in NY and I thought Malta was pretty laid back). Gozo is worth spending a day in (we only got an afternoon). The pastizzi are out of this world there and really cheap (25 cents cheap). (Stay tuned for more images of Gozo!)

The St. George Feast in Gozo, Malta
The St. George Feast in Gozo, Malta


Visit The Valletta Food Market.
Is-Suq Tal Belt.

When you visit the food market you will see how multicultural Malta is. There you can get food from Spain, Asian delicacies, Sicilian feast, and more.

St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta

I’m always weary of the churches that charge an entrance fee, but I really wanted to see the Caravaggio paintings inside, so I paid the fee. You get an audioguide with it as well.  If you love baroque art, it’s definitely a must-see.



Eat pastizzi

I like to call pastizzi the “Maltese empanada” Pastizzi is SO good. It is a phyllo dough treat filled with cheese, chicken or peas. (and super affordable, 25 cents each in Gozo, and 60 cents in Valletta).

eating pastizzi in Gozo, Malta
Drink Maltese wine

The Maltese wine we tasted was spectacular! Every single one we tasted was outstanding, (we only had the rosé and the red, we didn’t try the white) and we are hard people to please, since we have tasted pretty good French wine!

Roam the streets of Valletta

Valletta is the capital of Malta, and definitely a must see. It has been named the European Capital of Culture in 2018. I particularly love the windows, balconies and doors. The views from the Upper Gardens are spectacular as well.

doors of Valletta


Eat at La Maltija.

If you have to choose only ONE place to eat, eat here!!! It is SO good. I loved it so much I just had to write about it–> you can read all about it in my review of La Maltija here.

Visit Marsaxlokk

This is a picturesque fisherman village where the seafood is outstanding.  Aren’t these boats called luzzi, beautiful?

They also have an outdoor market where you can get some fresh Maltese jams or lace items (Maltese specialty), or souvenirs.

market in Marsaxlokk

When in Marsaxlokk, Make sure to check out Nostra Patrona, a seafood restaurant right on the water. Tell them Diana from NY sent you.

Marsaxlokk-Malta-Nostra Padrona

The recommendations above are the places we went to and loved. Other things to do that we didn’t get a chance to (but that I’ve heard good things about! and they are on my list for next time!): 


Malta is definitely a place we want to go back to! Add it to your bucket list today! If you have any Malta suggestions, leave them in the comments below!


Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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