Free Printables: Bilingual Christmas Bingo

My son loved the bilingual Halloween Bingo I created a few months ago. He was excited when he saw me whipping up this bilingual Christmas Bingo, that he insisted on helping me with it, so he the one that picked the images that have gone into it! (Which explains why there is a blue Christmas tree!) As with the Halloween Bingo set I created, all you have to do is print the set of vocabulary cards, cut them and paste them on card stock or colored paper. (This is a good activity to get your kids to work on their cutting and gluing). If you want to be fancy and want them to last longer, I recommend laminating the cards as well. You can also print them smaller than a whole page (half page) if you wish. Some clever ways to play Bingo: * Play different combinations: not always a straight line! How about four corners? A specific row (middle row, top row, bottom row) or the whole card? bilingual-christmas-bingo You can download the pack of 12 different cards here: Bilingual Christmas Bingo pack bilingual-christmas-navidad-bingo Download the vocabulary sheets here: Bilingual Christmas vocabulary sheets


You can also print these free Christmas printables in Spanish here. Looking for more fun activities for your bilingual kids? Check out my Pinterest board!

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  1. Jennifer Jimenez
    December 9, 2016 at 11:31 am Reply

    Hi, I am trying to download your super cute bilingual Christmas bingo, but am having trouble doing so. Is there anyway that you could email it to me?

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