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Family Games in Spanish Your Kids Will Love

Family Games in Spanish Your Kids Will Love -

My kids are now 12 and 6 and it is becoming increasingly difficult to speak Spanish at home. I constantly have to say to them “en Español” sad emoji here. And I’ll be honest, I haven’t been the best at being consistent. My entire world is pretty much in English so it isn’t easy. Since we have been trying to do less screen time and more family time WITHOUT screens, here are some family games in Spanish we’ve been playing lately.

**All of the suggestions below are games we play at home, try them and let me know how you like them!

Wiht the holiday season around the corner, add some of these under the Christmas tree, for Hanukkah or for birthdays as a way to get your kids playing games in Spanish!


Family Games in Spanish Your Kids Will Love –


Mad Libs in Spanish: ¡Bate bate, ¡disparate!

Mad Libs: ¡El mejor juego de palabras del mundo!

($4.99) ages 8-12 years old

Mad Libs is a game that has been around forever but it wasn’t until recently that I re-discovered it thanks to my kid’s book fair, and I discovered they have books in Spanish too!


Guess Who en español

6 and up

This game is good for practicing describing people and body parts. You can buy a regular version and play it in any language!

We have the original version and an updated version with more diverse characters.


UNO is a classic and you can play in any language. It’s a great way to practice colors, numbers and it’s a game people of all ages! There are many different versions— this ENCANTO UNO version is one of my favorites.

Memory game – Flags of the Americas – Banderas de America

This is a memory game that will help kids learn geography too!


Taboo in Spanish – Tabú en español


This can be a quite challenging game for little ones, and playing it has allowed us to see how much we need to practice our vocabulary. It’s listed as good for ages 8 and up but my six year old also plays!


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