Yummy and Easy Recipes inspired by The BFG, Roald’s Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant

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I love when Disney brings great classics to life; and this time not just any classic, but a Roald Dahl classic. And not just any director’s directing it… Steven Spielberg is directing this film: the BFG. If you’re wondering… that stands for The Big Friendly Giant.


The Big Friendly Giant is a giant that lives in a place called Giant Country, except he’s the ONLY friendly giant there is; the other giants are bigger and stronger than he is, and the worst part? They’ve been known to eat HUMANS!

Luckily for Sophie, the protagonist, the BFG doesn’t eat humans. He only eats Snozzcumber and Frobscottle. Snozzcumber resembles cucumbers and Frobscottle is a green drink.


Here are two delicious multicultural recipes inspired by the BFG that your little ones will love, and they are perfectly refreshing for the summer!

Frobscottle verde smoothie

– naranjilla/lulo
– banana
– green apples
(sugar/honey is optional)

Blend all ingredients together, additional sugar is optional (depends how sweet you want it and how sweet the bananas are!)

I love naranjilla (called lulo in Colombia) a small tart fruit that is only found in South America, in Ecuador and Colombia. When I was little we couldn’t find it here but now we can, in the frozen food section!

E drinking verde smoothie

Snozzcumber sandwich skewers

Sometimes it’s all about presentation. Truthfully I had no idea that my son liked cucumbers until I made these cucumber sandwich skewers, he gobbled them right up! They’re easy to make and fun to eat!

snozzcuber sandwich skewers

What you need :

– flavored or plain cream cheese
– hummus
– potato bread (or whole wheat bread)

1. peel the cucumbers, and slice them
2. Use a shape cutter to cut them into different shapes
3. add cream cheese or hummus to the bread
4. Build the skewers
5. Enjoy!

THE BFG Sponsored post

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