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Working Moms: 8 Tips to Make Work Trips Easier  

A few weeks ago I attended We All Grow in Long Beach, California. In preparation for the trip, many of the attendees expressed concerned about leaving their children. I have had the same concerns in the past. (I’ve written about it before). A while ago I decided that I was not going to feel guilty about going on a work trip (here are 10 reasons why I won’t feel guilty).


DO: Tell you child you are leaving.
Don’t go away in the middle of the night, or without saying goodbye. Even if your child is little and isn’t fully verbal, explain you are going away, how long you will be away and reiterate how much you love him/her. If your child is old enough, use a calendar to explain what day you will be leaving and what day you will be coming back.

Do something extra special before you leave.
Taking your child out for a special treat before you go on your trip is a great way to make your child feel special! Vanessa Mota blogger from Smart Little Cookie, says she took her daughter out for a special mani outing before heading to We All Grow.

Make it a learning moment. If your child is old enough, you can use it as an opportunity for him/her to learn about the world! Use a map and show where you are going, or go to the library and read about it. You can discuss climate, culture, distance, food, clothing. My son asked me why I had to take the plane if I was working… he seems to think that planes are only for vacation! He kept saying “When you go on vacation…” LOL. I had to explain that if the place where I have to go is too far away, it takes too long to take a car, so that was why I had to take the plane, because it goes faster.


Ask your child to help you pack. S/he will feel like such a great helper!

Write a note/leave a card to say how much you will miss him/her.
My son actually tucked a note for ME in my luggage, which I found when I unpacked in my hotel room! So, next time I go away, I’m going to leave a little note for him to find as well!



Bring your child something back! It doesn’t have to be something big, it can be a trinket… and here’s a PRO TIP: Order something online and save it for when you get back, or go to the dollar store and grab a few little things—your child will be so happy and you will not have spent a fortune!

Mail a post card! Kids love getting snail mail!

Use social media to keep in touch. While I was away at WeAllGrow my son and his dad sent me snapchat videos (with funny filters) and I was able to see what they were up to!


What other tips would you add to this list? Share with us below!

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Tips to Make Work Trips Easier


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Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.


  1. Love these! So on point. The only thing I would add is to trust your partner. Dad or grandma or aunt. They won’t do the things the way we do it, but they will make sure your child is cared for and loved.

  2. Great list! My main concern is leaving my husband and kid to figure out how to make all work for the 3 1/5 days I will be out of town. It’s not the first time I travel and leave them alone, but this time my hubby is starting a new job with a extremely demanding schedule (he just learned he got the job yesterday and I leave in 5 days!), so we will need to get someone else’s help to pick her up from school and take care of her during the evening.
    Yes, I’m a bit worried.

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