10 Tips for the Best Baby Bump Photo Session

Photo by Randi Lauren Klein
When I was pregnant with my first child, my son, my friend photographer Randi Klein said I just had to take photos, so we did a baby bump photo session when I was about seven months pregnant. I didn’t know much about these photo sessions going into it, but she really captured some awesome moments.
So I decided to ask her and other photographers to share some tips to make a mom-to-be (and dad!)’s experience awesome. Here are 10 tips to make your baby bump photo session awesome!

10 Tips for the Best Baby Bump Photo Session

Randi Kleins’s tips for baby bump photo sessions:

1. The most important thing is to try to shoot somewhere you are are comfortable. If shooting at home is possible that’s always a good place to start. If you have access to a studio or other space try to make sure there are comfy things around. Standing for an hour shoot can be difficult/uncomfortable for the mom-to-be. So being able to sit, recline, lie down if possible or sit propped up against something adds to the comfort which will show in the pics. Comfort both physically and in front of the camera are important. The later may take some time but don’t force it.
2. The photographer is key. Randi says “Try to work with a photographer that you are comfortable with. It may take some time to get comfy in front of the camera and then to decide how far you want to push the boundaries of the pics….clothes on clothes off partially clothed as the shoot goes on these things may happen organically so there is no need to force it. The most important thing is to be comfortable and to capture the intimate moments as they happen.”
3. Trust the photographer to crop and edit the pics to highlight the best of the shoot. 

4. Communication during the before, during and after the shoot is always key.
5. Having a sense of humor always helps. 
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5 Tips on What to Wear from Kim Max Photography:

Kim Max is a photographer based out of Astoria, NY. She shares some tips on what to wear:
1. Feel good. “My number one tip is always that you must feel GOOD in what you’re wearing. If you or your partner are uncomfortable in their clothes it will show in the photos.
2. Choose a color palette.  Keep in my mind your location and what colors will work with the environment around you.
When deciding on a palette think about colors you love and what colors match with the design, feel, and look of your home; ideally these photos will be hanging on your walls.”
Check out these gorgeous pics taken by Kim Max from a shoot at Wellington Court in Astoria, with blogger Fallon Carmichael Santiago from lifestyle blog Casa de Fallon:

3. Maxi dress for the win: She suggests a maxi dress: “A maxi dress is always a beautiful way to go. Don’t forget layers and accessories. In complimentary colors and textures to add interest to the photo.”
4. What to avoid: 
  • Avoid going for the total matching look.
  • Avoid any patterns that might be distracting in the photo.
5. Try it on before the shoot!  “Lay everything out and try it on before the day of your shoot to make sure it all works!”
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What would you add? Share your tips below!

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