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How to throw a Raclette Dinner Party!

When I lived in France I discovered raclette cheese and raclette grills. Having a raclette for dinner is very common in France, especially in the winter months and in ski areas. It is a super easy and delicious dinner, perfect for a large group. When we moved back to the USA, we were excited to find a raclette grill online (we got our on and have raclette parties.

The French Cheese Board: Cheese in the Heart of Midtown

What you need to throw a raclette dinner party:

First, a raclette grill:

raclette grill

The top part is used to cook the meat or grill vegetables (there are some that are teflon, ours is in stone). The bottom has little trays where you put the cheese and let it melt.

raclette cheese on grill

Then you need potatoes, (new potatoes, small ones like the ones below are great) Cook them with skins on. You don’t have to remove the skins.

potatoes for raclette

raclette cheese (available at fine cheese retailers like Whole Foods, Fairway, the French Cheese Board and Murphy’s Cheese in NYC) and charcuterie (fancy word for deli meats, haha!)  like prosciutto, ham, chorizo, salami, etc.  You can also grill vegetables on top of the grill (alongside the meats, or make it a vegetarian raclette and only do vegetables).

Check out our spread:

All you have to do is cut the cheese, prep the meat or veggies and set the table! VOILA! Bon Appétit! 

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