The Minions are Coming!

Disclosure: I received tickets to an advanced screening of the Minions movie in order to facilitate this review. All expressions of excitement are purely our own.



I’m going to be honest… I have not seen any of the Despicable Me movies, only because my little one was too little to see them when they first came out. Now that he is older, I was excited to take him to see the Minions. I was curious to discover more about  these little yellow creatures too because the Minions movie shows you how the Minions came to be!



The Minions’ movie brilliantly shows you the origins of the cute yellow creatures, and it takes you through a journey through time making awesome references to pop culture that parents will love (my favorite one– reference to the Beatles!) In this movie, three brave Minions, led by Kevin, go on a quest to find a new villain to serve… this adventure takes them to different places, starting in NYC, stopping through Orlando and ending up in London.



While Kevin, Stuart and Bob are adorable and you can’t help but root for them (even though they want to help out the bad guys) there is plenty of villain action in this film, and the main villain is a girl– Scarlet Overkill, (played by Academy Award® winner Sandra Bullock).

Minions-ScarletOverkill 2

It turns out Scarlet is the biggest baddest villain of all and guess what? When she was a girl she was told she couldn’t be a villain because she was a girl… that sounds all too familiar, so as  girl, who heard this while  growing up, I couldn’t help but like her a bit.


One of the most adorable things about the movie? Their very cute language! I mean, we can understand it, but what is it? It’s a combination of a bunch of languages from what I gathered… I heard a bit of Spanish, English, French and those were just the ones I was able to hear myself, I’m sure there are words from other languages.

Your little ones will enjoy the Minions movie and so will you!

Here’s a trailer offering you a glimpse of the fun!


So what will you be doing on July 10th? Taking your kids to see the Minions of course! Make sure to share your posts via SM using hashtag #Minions!



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