The Launch of the Aspen Institute’s Family Call To Action (VIDEO)

In April I was part of the Aspen Institute’s Launch of the Youth and Family Call to Actions. I was on a panel with Gov. Terry McAuliffe and members of the Youth Commission and another Parent Panel member, Diana Prichard. Below is the video of the Call to Action.

The day commenced with Youth Commissioners sharing moments of “Imagine if…” 

“Imagine if every child went to school feeling safe and valued and welcome. ”

social emotional learning

The event was moderated by Tim Shriver, who serves as Commission Co-Chair.

The first panel was moderated by Gov. McAuliffe. The Youth Commissioners were Grace Dolan-Sandrino and Eric Guerci. The parent panelists were Diana Prichard and yours truly. We outlined our vision for social emotional and academic development in schools.

Aspen Institute's Family Call To Action
Photo credit: Laurence Genon

The second panel was comprised of educators who talked about what they have seen work in their schools, and what we need inschols to help kids succeed.




You can check out the video below and if you want to check out my kiddo getting a shoutout by Tim Shriver, go to minute 1:02:40.



To learn more about the Aspen Call to Action click here.

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