Why Wasn’t Elizabeth Warren Good Enough? Why Elizabeth Warren’s Exit was Devastating to Women

Were you #TeamWarren? Were you, like me, devastated by Elizabeth Warren’s Exit from the 2020 presidential race? 

I had to process my feelings, and so I decided to write. Because writing is cathartic.

This article has been posted to my podcast website, Parenting and Politics. 

Here’s an excerpt:

“Things have been happening so fast, that I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write about Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the presidential race. And I want to do that, partly for cathartic reasons, partly because I think it is important to document it, to call it out, to process it. It also made me wonder… why do people hate women in politics? 

The truth is, I didn’t think I was going to be so affected by Elizabeth Warren leaving the presidential race. But, surprising to me, I was SO upset. I am still upset, but you know… corona virus.

After I ugly cried on instagram (which you can see here) as I heard her announce she was suspending her campaign, I went on social media and discovered that so many other women felt exactly what I was feeling. Because, the thing is, we get it. We all had hopes. We all thought Elizabeth was IT. (Disclaimer: Earlier in the campaign I also really liked Kamala as well, and the idea that other candidates were able to stay in the race longer than Kamala Harris who is INCREDIBLY prepared and ready to lead is beyond me… but, again, misogyny, patriarchy and racism).

Why do people hate women in politics?


Elizabeth Warren was the complete package. Surely, she could do what Hillary hadn’t been able to do (or so we thought). Smart, prepared, amazing debater, knowledgable in policy, had PLANS people… plans that MADE SENSE. Didn’t have scandals… If not her, then who? How long is it going to take? Am I even going to see it in my lifetime?!

To read more about my feelings on Elizabeth Warren’s exit from the 2020 race, go to my podcast site:  The Heartbreak of Elizabeth Warren and Why Do People Hate Women in Politics?

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