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Sesame Street Songs in Spanish Your Bilingual Kids Will Love

I love love love Sesame Street. In addition to the things they teach kids like letters and numbers,  they talk about kindness and being a good friend. What I love the most is that they highlight diversity and respect of those that may look differently or speak a different language. I love seeing muppets that are different: like muppets from different parts of the world, (like India and South Africa!), muppets that are not neuro-typical, muppets that have different types of culture and physical appearance, and course, muppets that speak different languages! I love that they have Spanish-speaking characters too and incorporate Spanish into many of their shows.

Here are my favorite Sesame Street songs in Spanish:

Sesame Street: Romeo Santos and Elmo sing “Quiero Ser Tu Amigo”

Dominican bachatero Romeo Santos paid a visit to Sesame Street to teach Elmo a very cool phrase in spanish, “quiero ser tu amigo” =I want to be your friend. 

Me Llamo with Elmo, Zoe and Luis

El Abecedario with Elmo and Gina Rodriguez

I love my Hair – Spanish version with Mando

This song is perfect for anyone who wants to teach their kids their hair is beautiful just the way it is!

Mi amiguita Rosita

I love love love Rosita’s character! It makes my heart happy when Rosita shares something about her Mexican culture.

Hola Song with Rosita and Zoe

Rosita Sings and Counts in Spanish

English Me, Spanish Me

Great song for bicultural kids!

Número Comparsa

An icon, Celia Cruz, the queen of salsa was also on Sesame Street! Check it out:



Gloria and Rosita Sing a Song

It’s Gloria Estefan!! Need I say more?

What other songs in Spanish (or bilingual songs) do you love from Sesame Street? Share them in the comments below!

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