Remembering Our Stay at Domaine des Andéols: La Maison de Toujours

Eight years ago today we were married in Avignon, France. After our wedding we spent a couple of days in Domaine des Andéols in the South of France in St. Saturnin-lès-Apt. The Domaine has 10 different houses on a large property with vineyards and all. We stayed in the Maison de Toujours.  


Le Domaine des Andéols in pics 

The property is spectacular. The grounds have the provençal charm that is typical of the region: fountains, vibrant colors, vineyards and plenty of natural beauty.


The vineyards.


Under an olive tree.



View from our window.

Maison_de_Toujours__view from window

Fountains are common in the South of France.



The kitchen/dining room. We had breakfast delivered to our room, and dinner at one of the restaurants on the property. (There are currently three restaurants on the property). The food is inspired by local flavors from Provence, and some is grown on the property.




The artwork in the house.


The spectacular bathtub.


The property is so pretty, it is perfect for a romantic getaway! We can’t wait to go back!




Check out a a short video of our multicultural wedding! 


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