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Raising Bilingual Kids: 5 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts

In case you didn’t know yet I love Instagram.  It’s only natural since I love photography. I have found some great Instagram accounts  to follow if you are raising bilingual kids!

raising bilingual kids-5 must follow instagram accounts


1. Bilingual Avenue

Bilingual Avenue is run by Marianna Du Bosq, a bilingual mama, former education and lifetime language learner. Marianna is also the host of the podcast by the same name, Bilingual Avenue  where she features parents and experts raising and teaching bilingual kids. If you follow her on IG, you won’t miss any topics  on her podcast!

2. Spanish Missy I recently discovered Spanish Missy and I love her account.   Melissa Herrera or Spanish Missy writes eBooks and her daily posts offer beautiful pictures and feature words in English/Spanish to learn new vocabulary. Her site is 

3. Learning in Two Languages

Kelly Serrano is behind Learning in Two Languages. I first started following her when she was a contributor at SpanglishBaby. Kelly is a dual language teacher, educational blogger and curriculum designer. She blogs at


4. Espanolita Blog   Españolita is an American living in Madrid, Audrey Kratovil. Audrey shares many language learning resources and tips on teaching languages the Montessori way. An interesting thing about Audrey is that she has a similar love story as I do, studied abroad, went back after graduation, fell in love, married and had a baby! I very much enjoy her insights, recommendations and ideas for raising a bilingual child. Also check out her blog, 

5. Spanglish Luv

I recently discovered SpanglishLuv (by Monica Rosenberg) and she doesn’t know this yet but I’m a big fan already! On SpanglishLuv you will find inspiration in Spanish AND English, and tons of info on living healthy (which I know has nothing to do with raising bilingual kids BUT it is worth mentioning here). Her blog is SpanglishLuv.  



I invite you to follow me on Instagram! I share my life in NYC, healthy living (or my attempt to!) and raising bilingual and multicultural kids!



What accounts do you follow that inspire you to continue your language learning journey? Leave the accounts below and I will make sure to check them out! 


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Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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