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Looking for a lighthearted musical to share with mom or girlfriends? How about Pretty Woman on Broadway? The sets, costumes, dialogue and characters will transport you to the moment when you saw the movie, and you probably first fell in love with Julia Roberts (or was that just me?)

Pretty Woman on Broadway discount



It’s always nerve racking to see one of your favorite movies remade, amirite? Will it live up to the original? Will it evoke the same feelings?

I had other questions too, would Pretty Woman work in this time of the #MeToo era?

Those are just some of the big questions people may have when going to see Pretty Woman on Broadway. And, I have to say, you may be disappointed that the original iconic song that we all know isn’t in the play (sorry for the spoiler alert), but you will love the costumes and much of the dialogue that comes from the original movie.

How does Pretty Woman fare as a musical? Well, if you love Bryan Adams, you’re in luck, because that is who is behind the music! The actress who portrays Vivian, Samantha Barks, has a phenomenal voice! and again, the costumes GORGEOUS!

Pretty Woman on Broadway discount

I think fans of the movie will enjoy it, and does it work in 2018? I appreciate that they try to modernize it. You’ll love the phrases in the theater, “BOLD WOMAN, FIERCE WOMAN, FUNNY WOMAN, SMART WOMAN.”

This is a show to see with girlfriends, your mom, your aunts ….and I’ve got a discount code for you to use until September 1st!



The Ticketmaster discount code will be MOM1 and it should be live by Wednesday. It’s in effect until 9/1.


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*Thanks to Pretty Woman: The Musical for providing a discount code! All opinions are my own.


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