My Postpartum Diary: Days 70-100

I feel like I owe you an explanation- yes you, my readers and followers and friends who read this blog. In a way I feel like do failed at something. I set out to document the first 100 days of my life postpartum and I didn’t. I made it up to 70 days and then life got busy.

But, I want to share with you why. As you may now, I was on maternity leave for four months. None of those four months were paid by my employer. So, I did some writing and freelance work while I was on leave. I took three weeks off for one contract , and I took four weeks off from another contract.
Truthfully, keeping up with my paid work, taking care of my daughter and keeping up with the blog was just too much. So I started missing days, and before I realized it- I had missed so many days I felt like I couldn’t even keep going.
I’m sad, because I really wanted to do this. I’m disappointed. But I did want to share some photos with you and explain why I didn’t continue in a timely fashion.
Day 75 – Mother’s Day Celebration


There is something else I wanted to highlight– I realized that now I have two babies to take care of! And while I was on leave I tried to make enough time for my son and make him feel like I was present, when I could. Of course, with a newborn it can be difficult, because my baby girl’s needs have to go before my older son’s needs. I did try to make him feel special though, as much as  I could: picking him up from school, chaperoning his trips, playing games with him, etc. All of that took time, and as moms know, prioritization is key.
For me, the priority was my kids, and the blog took a backseat, and I’m OK with that. It simply reflects life and I’d lie if I said that I could do it all and nothing falls through the cracks! 
I didn’t want to completely end the postpartum diary on day 70, so here are some highlights:

 My postpartum diary: Highlights of Days 71-100 

On Day 80, my baby girl was baptized. It was super special because my cousin, who is studying to become a priest, baptized her. And now I have new compadres and comadres, which I love. 
 Day 94 – June 2nd 
A girl needs to go out right? I put Sofi in a carrier and took my little activist to the #IAMANIMMIGRANT Pop Up Immigrant Experience. 
She got to meet Paola Mendoza =) 
Then, one of my amazing friends and mentors Jeannette Kaplun, editor of Hispana Global was in town so we headed to the city and met Jeannette and her Sofia!  
Day 95 – June 3rd 
We went out on the town again! Sofi met her awesome buddy Eyal and her Jewish godmommy Sara. 

 Sara and I have been friends since we studied abroad in Aix in 2003 and our babies were born about a week apart! 
Day 100! 
My daughter is channeling Tupac (my husband’s words, not mine!)
If you follow me on IG, you probably know that we went to France so the whole family could meet Sofia. I also had big ideas for this trip- in my mind, I was going to get SO MUCH WRITING done! (and maybe catch up on the diary?) I thought, with grandmas, aunts, great grandmas to hang with the kiddos, surely I’d have enough time to write.
But really, I was tired. I completed my work (yes, I was still working on my contracts!) and then I’d simply close my computer. I wanted to really be present for my family and if I’m honest, working on your computer doesn’t really make you that present. So, I did the work I absolutely had to, and the rest of the time I was busy eating, drinking, playing in the pool with my son or discovering Provence. (I’ll be sharing more of that trip soon!)
The slower rhythm felt great. I needed to rest really badly so I did.
If I’ve learned anything in the time that I’m a mother it is not to put myself down– something’s gotta give, there will always be something that will take priority over other things. In this case for me, it was resting and spending time with my family.

Mamas: I can’t over state the importance of recognizing when you need a break, and to allow yourself to take that break!

Voila….my daughter is 5 months now.  I’m back at work, pumping, nursing and all that jazz and I will be sharing my experiences here, and on my weekly BabyCenter column! (Every Friday in English and every Monday in Spanish!)





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Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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