My Postpartum Diary: Days 61-70

*I’m sorry it’s taken me forever to get this up… work/baby have been sucking the little time I have left out of me so the blog had taken a back seat, but here it is, without further ado, days 61-70 in my postpartum diary!

 My Postpartum Diary: Days 61-70

Sunday April 30th Day 61
I had to pump at 4am. Fun times. So tired. Moms should have like a get out of postpartum jail card, amirite??
OMG I’m ready to blow up what a day.
and I even had my brother and sister-in-law come over and they were hanging with Enzo but still. what a day. (by the way, this is the day I made this art project, so yeah things don’t always seem what they seem).
I’m in tears because I just can’t–  effin done today… and I can’t even eat my feelings away because we have no junk food (which may not be a bad thing, but I could go for chocolate, or ice cream or SOMETHING).
When the hell is mercury retrograde over ? Because I wanna say- F*ck you mercury fuck you.

Monday May 1st Day 62
Today I took Enzo to school and then I spent the whole day outside with Sofia. I think I’m going to come up with a list of the places in my neighborhood that have changing tables- what do you think? Useful right?
I also picked up my son from school, I let him go in the sprinklers (why the hell are they on right now? It is. Not. that. warm.)
And just like that… my daughter is 2 months~ 
Tuesday – May 2nd Day 63
We ran around today getting documents for Sofia’s baptism.
We also managed to go have dinner (just my husband and I) after the baptismal class in church. For those of you who don’t know, it is basically a class for parents and godparents, explaining the expectations and responsibilities of parents introducing your child to the church and what the expectations for godparents are as well.
Wednesday – may 3rd Day 64
We went to Manhattan today. I wanted to go to H&M to buy some nursing bras/tank tops and a pair of pants that would fit and that are not leggings. 
I asked my mom to come with me so that I could take a conference call and she could stay with the baby. We went to JC Penney in Manhattan Mall because I wanted to go to Sephora. (There’s a tiny Sephora in the mall) also I thought that I’d find some benches or someplace to sit in the “mall” … guess what… there was NO WHERE to sit. NO food court, no benches, NADA. I had to sit in the shoe section to feed Sofia (and change her diaper).
Public places should have more changing tables. Image via Shutterstock (c)
This made me think… why the hell aren’t there changing tables and seating areas in shopping malls? Even so that people can take a break from their shopping? I mean, really. No benches anywhere? Ridiculous!
Thursday – May 4th – Day 65
I try to be an involved parent, so I volunteer at Enzo’s school whenever I can. Tonight was the multicultural festival – I love this event because it is a way to celebrate the diversity in our community. I made pan de yuca (using this recipe here) and asked my mom to make her yummy and easy corn cake. (You can see her corn cake recipe here)
Friday – May 5th – Day 66
Friday is my day to relax. Fridays and Mondays usually… Tuesday-Thursday is filled with freelance work. It is hard to juggle two freelancing parents at home with an infant. It is especially hard since I have to drop everything and breastfeed when she requires it.
Saturday May 6 – Day 67
Brunch with family from France- and my son is going to a sleepover with his aunt and uncle! Mom and dad get to SLEEP IN (kinda).

My love of Snapchat filters continues… check out my IG post (are you following me there yet?) I’m chatting about what it’s like to breastfeed in public… would love your feed back there!


Ok this is a very rare pic… here I am #breastfeeding my little girl… with my firstborn I was very shy and wouldn’t breastfeed in public – but now I’m a LOT more relaxed about it… because it’s normal and part of nature, right? I’m still a bit shy when it comes to doing it in front of people that I know- because it is a bit awkward, but in public, like the park? Or the subway? Sure (and yes I’ve actually done that!) if you have an issue with women breastfeeding in public and not with the sexualized images of women you have a problem, not the women who are breastfeeding. What’s the craziest place you’ve ever #breastfed?#normalizebreastfeeding #lactancia #mommymilk #momlife #mkbkids #motherhood #momsofinstagram

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Sunday May 7th – Day 68
Honestly… I didnt record anything today. My son was at a sleepover and I was offline.
Monday May 8th – Day 69
I love holding my baby… and I kind of feel badly that I didn’t hold my son as much. I don’t remember enjoying it. I remember him eating round the clock and me feeling UGH about it.
Tuesday May 9th – Day 70
I feel like I’m not doing enough. I don’t mean with the baby- she sucks me dry. I mean in other things. People around me keep telling me to relax, I just had a baby. I wish there were more hours in the day.
Daughter had doctors appointment today – 2 shots (one on each thigh) and an oral shot. I had a bunch of questions to ask the doctor about reutrning to work- I don’t remember a lot of things from when I had my son, like bottles, and pumping and how many ounces I should leave for her during the day. It was nice that the doctor also just had a baby (who is 4 months old) so she knew exactly everything I was going through (like the letdown issues I was having). Shout out to Premier Pediatrics in NYC!
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