My Postpartum Diary: Days 51-60

Thanks for reading my postpartum diary! If you’re just joining me, I’m recording the first 100 days of life postpartum – bits and pieces of my life at home with baby​ and six year old. I hope to make you say ME TOO and laugh out loud. If you’re a mom reading this. know you’re not alone! We all have WTF moments (as you will read!) If you are just joining I suggest starting with the first installment of my postpartum diary, days 1-10 here.

My Postpartum Diary: Day 51-60

Thursday April 20th day 51
Until today, we had always given the baby a bath together, my husband and me. Today I did it alone!!


My postpartum diary
Who do you think Sofia looks like (Sofia is the baby in the first square on top left)
Friday April 21st day 52
This AM I took my son to school and then I came home and the baby and I took a 3 hour nap!!! It was amazing.
Tonight we made homemade pizza with my kiddo. We’ve been trying to do special things with him since we really want him to feel loved, since I have to spend so much time with his baby sister.
Luckily, he loves his baby sister. He has never been annoyed with her. It’s actually more with us, if he hears his sister crying and sees that we are not attending to her needs “fast enough.” But sibling relationships and making our firstborn feel loved is definitely something my mind.
Saturday April 22nd day 53
Today we had company! My cousin who lives in England came to visit with her baby.
It was a special visit because we asked her to be our baby’s godmother.
Sunday April 23rd day 54
Today I went to church to talk to the priest about my daughter’s baptism. There are a few difficult things related to where are godparents are, and the timing of the baptism so we need a private baptism– and unfortunately the cost of the baptism at this particular church is a bit exorbitant so I had to talk to him about it.
Also, does Papa Pancho (my affectionate name for the best Pope ever, Pope Francis) know that some of his churches charge a crap load of money for baptisms? Because the idea that you have to pay so much money to baptize your child (even if it is a “private” baptism) is a bit ridiculous in my view.
Monday April 24th day 55
It’s raining which means that I can’t take her out… but we discovered this!

My daughter is super gassy and has barely napped. My boobs are exploding and I’m wondering, am I actually making more milk than she needs? Am I overfeeding her? Is that such a thing? Because everywhere I’ve heard and been told that you can’t overfeed a breastfed baby– but maybe you can if you produce too much milk, then you can?
Is she drinking too fast? That one I can answer- she IS because then she starts coughing up like the milk went through the wrong tube. (or I think?)
Tuesday April 25th Day 56
I’m totally off today- Can I blame it on the weather?
Deepak and Oprah help- I’ve been listening to their meditation- though I haven’t done the whole 21 days- sometimes I just fall asleep. Wanna know what’s even funnier? I fall asleep with my glasses on. I don’t even feel the sleep coming on… I just dose off. 
It’s 3am- not sure if this belongs under Tuesday or wed… all I can say is that I just said, “wtf Sofia I just want to sleep.”
 Anyone else think like that sometimes?
Wednesday April 26th Day 57
Omg can a girl have a cup of coffee??? I can never finish my coffee. It gets cold, I get optimistic and I reheat.. and then it gets cold again, so I end up throwing it out.
Also is it possible to overfeed a breastfed baby?!
Because my daughter may be eating too much and or too fast, I can’t figure it out but this evening she puked all over my arm and the floor-it was awful seeing her little body puke like a volcano.
Then I was afraid to feed her and then she pooped a lot and I’m pretty sure she has diarrhea. Could she have caught the bug my kiddo had a few weeks ago?
She was fidgety and at one point I said “OMG stoooop it’s time to go sleep!!'”
Then I said “OMG I’m literally losing my mind.”! which is of course ridiculous because I can’t literally lose it. I was pacing all over the house and then her dad took her– seriously how do single moms do it?!
Thursday April 27th Day 58
Something happened today. I’m just not sure what because I was either having too much fun OR I was exhausted and I didn’t have time to write it down. because life. Breastfeeding. Two kids. I was bound to miss a day, forgive me will ya?
Friday April 28th Day 59
Great news! My daughter slept in her bed uninterrupted for over 4 hours!! Bad news… it was in the living room playpen… so I had to sleep on the couch. How come she doesn’t sleep like that in her co-sleeper?
When we woke up to eat at 4 am I thought ” great I can move her now.” And I did… except then I realized that a creepy crawler had taken over my bed (big brother) soooo back to the couch it was.
More good news… she ate and went straight back to sleep… but that just meant I needed to pump, so I stayed up to pump and relieve my boobs since there was milk in there… when all was said and done I was up until 5:15!
Saturday April 29th Day  60
I took both kids out today! In a cab… with diaper bags and strollers and crap. And I survived! We went to the YMCA for a fun event.
Also I had a hot dog and my daughter had a big diarrhea poop… add hot dogs to the things I should not eat. (Which is fine because I’ve been trying to eat less meat anyway).
Then my friends and I packed the kids up in cabs and we headed back to my house where the older kids had fun digging up dirt and Sofia hung out with her grandma… and the grownups had dinner and relaxed. It was awesome. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next installment!

Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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