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Naturally Perfect Dolls: Dolls with Curly Hair

One day Angelica Sweeting’s daughter said she wanted to look different. She said she was not happy with her complexion, with her complexion or with her facial features. Angelica says this prompted her to look for a doll with her daughter’s features and curly hair but found nothing. So she decided to create a doll that reflects her daughter’s beauty. That’s how Angelica, the first doll of the Naturally Perfect Dolls collection, was born.

I had heard of the Angelica doll from friends and last week I had the opportunity to meet Angelica and her husband Jason at the NY Toy Fair. I love what they are doing and I know that many little girls love these dolls (they are beautiful!) and of course, they reflect the diversity in today’s world.

According to Naturally Perfect Dolls, 60% of women in the world have curly hair and only about 5% of dolls do.

They shared that that three new dolls had just been unveiled: Kennedy, Brielle and Camryn. Check out the four dolls in the collection:

naturally perfect dolls

That’s Angelica Sweetin!  

Meet the Dolls with Curly Hair that can be Washed and Styled as You Wish!

As I mentioned earlier, I had heard of Angelica the doll from a friend who had bought it for her daughter. I asked her to share why she had bought Angelica and what having a natural and curly hair doll meant for her. She shared:

My cousin shared the Naturally Perfect Kickstarter on Facebook. As soon as I saw it I wanted to get the doll for my daughter. Since she was born, I’ve been trying to get her black dolls and curly-haired dolls. The problem with those is the hair always turned into a knotted mess. Angelica seemed perfect – if they could solve the hair problem, it would not only be a great self-esteem booster, it would also be a practical tool to teach my daughter how to take care of her own hair, and to normalize her hair care process. [Caring for curly hair] it’s inherently different than straight hair – from washing to combing to how it falls, how it dries, etc. The brushes aren’t even the same. Angelica has been great so far for this reason alone. The hair is basically a weave, so it sheds a bit, but we wash it (with conditioner, a process known as “cowashing”), then finger detangle it. I’ve taught her how to handle knots with a brush, how to twist hair, etc. And what curly hair (her hair) looks like from a braid out, a twist out, just air dried, etc. She can practice on something other than her own head, and it’s just a normal part of her growing up.

There are currently four dolls: Angelica, Kennedy, Camryn and Brielle. The dolls are 18-inch dolls with natural curly hair that can be washed and styled.   Each doll has a different skin tone and slight variations of curly hair. Currently these dolls are the only dolls on the market that have natural hair.  You can purchase the Naturally Perfect Dolls  on their site. Each doll costs $85.00.



Angelica, Kennedy, Camryn and Brielle 

***Let’s Chat! What do you think of the Naturally Perfect Dolls? Will you be getting one for your little one? (or do you have one? Share your pics with us! tag me on IG @ladydeelg ***

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