My Postpartum Diary: The First 100 Days

There are a lot of things moms don’t talk about regarding what happens after baby comes home. I decided I wanted to share my experiences and honest thoughts on the realities of postpartum life in this postpartum diary. I will be recording the first 100 days. Partly as a way to remember these moments, but also partly (and much more importantly) as a way  for moms to realize that it’s not all doom and gloom, that there are really hard moments and that there are moments worth celebrating.

So here goes, my first 100 days postpartum… random and not so random thoughts.

Day 1 March 1st – Wednesday – Baby is here!!
My baby girl was born at 2:11 pm. One of the most amazing things about giving birth this time around (my second time, the first being in 2011) was happily realizing that modern medicine has changed for the better. With my firstborn I got the epidural and I was pretty numb, I wasn’t really able to feel anything. With my daughter, I felt her body wiggle out of my body. It was kinda amazing…. also, I may have pooped on the table. Not my proudest moment. I’m pretending that didn’t happen.
My baby was born in a “baby friendly” hospital which means they do rooming in and skin-to-skin as soon as the baby is born. Rooming-in means that the baby doesn’t leave your room ever, unless you ask for the nurses to take her. It is supposed to help establish breastfeeding if you choose to do so.
When the baby was born, she was placed on my chest for skin-to-skin contact and the cord wasn’t immediately cut. Pretty amazing.
Day 2 3/2  Thursday
Things no one tells you about having a girl: WAAAY HARDER CLEANUP SITUATION. I’m worried about not cleaning her properly… so until I leave the hospital, I’m just going to let the nurses do it. I will watch and learn. (Kudos to my hubby because he was all about diving in to learn! And then the baby pooped and peed on him!)
Note about poop: In the beginning, the poop will be BLACK and no- you didn’t break your baby, that is normal.
They came to take pictures of the baby today… I look like hell. BIIIIG undereye circles. I do have makeup but the idea of getting up to put on makeup was too much. I guess I’m not that vain! I asked the photographer to make the pics black and white so that I don’t look that bad. I should’ve asked her to photoshop my undereye circles. HA!
When I was pregnant my son was worried about being a big brother. I’m happy to report that he is killing it as a big brother!!
Day 3 3/3-  Friday – discharge
Heading home. I had an awful night last night – the contractions had me in so much pain- I had to get a narcotic level pain killer. Then I was finally able to sleep.
Wait… what contractions? Well it turns out that we get contractions in order to get our uterus to get back to its normal size… I don’t remember this happening with my son, perhaps because I was still under epidural effect? Not sure… I’ve also been told that the more kids you have the worse these contractions are. (We can’t get a break, can we?)
No one told me about postpartum uterine contractions – they hurt like hell.
Heading home today and  I really think I could’ve used another day in the hospital… 2 nights doesn’t seem like enough… the care I received at NYU Langone was top notch. Even the food was AH-mazing. some of the best matzoh  ball soup in NYC, I assure you.


Day 4. 3/4. Saturday
1st full day home with baby!
Breastfeeding haze. I’m laying in bed and channel surfing… found the PBS Hamilton special. My daughter is constantly on my boob, ha!
Day 5. 3/5. Sunday
I’m going to be honest– being home with two kids is exhausting and is it awful to say I can’t wait for tomorrow when my kiddo can go back to school? He is a GREAT big brother however he is still seeking attention in ways that involve whining and even talking back — WHAAAT? but his face lights up when he sees his sister and I know if I want to get him in a good mood I just tell him, “Let’s go say hi to your sister.” he also likes to play music for her. It’s adorable. (exhausting but adorable nonetheless).
Day 6- 3/6. Monday
Much better night. Hubby and I took turns sleeping. Baby was up with poop at 2am/
I have a doctor’s appointment with the baby today… I’m On my way to doctors office but walking is tiring. I can feel my insides are raw. Why don’t doctors make house calls??
I need to rest and heal. Tomorrow I’m staying home in my pajamas.
In other news, I’m having a wonderful time taking pics of my daughter. I’ve always LOVED taking pics and now with Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms it is even more fun! I took this pic and realized, my daughter was already RESISTING! 

Day 7- Tuesday –
Cord care. Scary stuff.
It’s hanging by a thread.
Day 8 – Wednesday 3/8
It was 60 degrees so made it out for a walk and had lunch with hubby! Baby slept through! By the time I got home though, pelvis was hurting. Shouldn’t walk a lot. Tomorrow, home and rest.
Day 9- Thursday
Part of the reason I’m writing this is to share my experience is to share with other moms so that they can get an idea of what is coming. I want to mention something that deserves mentioning. self-care is super important… and that can be something as little as actually taking a shower! (Don’t laugh, when you spend all day with your boobs out because you’re a breastfeeding machine you may forget to wash your face, brush your teeth or shower).
Also, give yourself some slack. It’s OK that the house looks like a tornado hit it. Thursdays is my happy day because we have someone come and clean our home. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me, when she leaves and the house looks spotless. It literally MAKES ME FEEL SO HAPPY. We try hard to keep it as clean as we can, but with a five year old and a not-so-orderly mom, things end up all over the house. I’m grateful for my mom who comes to help and does the dishes, and washes the baby’s clothes. Without her help, my life would be much much more difficult.
**So, don’t forget to ask for help if you need it… and if you can outsource, OUTSOURCE! You don’t have to do it all!
Day 10- 3/10 Friday
Why do babies go nuts between11 pm and 2am? (Is that just my baby??) Nonstop feeding, irritable… and I’m exhausted. If you have a partner, have them take care of baby, burp baby hold baby.
STAY TUNED FOR the next part of my Postpartum Diary days 11-20!
Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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  1. <3 love to you Diana! You're such a great mom – I'm glad I can read your thoughts way before I'm worried about having my own little ones.

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