My Postpartum Diary: The First 100 Days-Days 11-20

Honest observations from Day 11-20 with a newborn.

​If you’re stopping by for the first time, Welcome! I’ve decided to document snippets of my every day life with a newborn, in a sort of postpartum diary, the first 100 days. (It may involve poop and spit-up but I guarantee you it won’t be as crazy as the other 100 days that are happening right now). This is the second installment. You can read about days 1-10 here. Hope you enjoy!

The first 10 days were hard. (You can read more about it here). Here is the second installment of my postpartum diary, days 11-20.

My Postpartum Diary: Days 11-20  

Day 11 3/11 Saturday
Omg she was up all night!!!!
And then she napped during the day… and then she wanted to be in my arms at 1 am.
We were able to watch a whole season of Kindness diaries on Netflix… and a movie with the hubs!!
BTW- hubs is totally being a rockstar in the parenting dept. I’m so grateful and I can’t help but wonder how single moms do it. I live in awe of them.

I will be trying to find something good to record because too often we record the bad stuff,but not the good… I wanted to highlight that Enzo is in love with his baby sister… this is so important for me because he was seriously stressed out about being a big brother!! (you can read more about his anxiety and sibling regression in this post).

But check him out now! Goooo big brother!

Day 12- March 12 – Sunday
Explosive diaper at 6am– fun times. 
My short term disability check came in the mail– it is $170 per week… minus taxes… yes they TAX you on this ridiculous amount.
In case you’re wondering the amount hasn’t changed since the 1990s so after taxes I get 162.72. Helps with groceries I guess, or diapers… but how ridiculous is it that the amount hasn’t changed since the 20th century??
In other news, I made the bed today! considering I’ve been sleeping either on the glider or on the sofa and rarely on the bed, this is progress.
Day 13- 3/13 Monday
Did you ever think a burp was with celebrating? Well it is! My baby girl was super fussy and gassy In the beginning. So now I cheer her on and when she. So i celebrate! “Eso! Bravo mi amor!”
In other news tomorrow it’s a snow day. I’m thrilled because that means we can stay home and relax… in theory. It also means my son will be home which will be interesting…
Day 14- 3/14 Tuesday
Worst night ever!!!!
Baby girl slept until 1am – which means hubby and I were able to watch something on tv (more about that later)
But around 1:30 my daughter who has been sleeping soundly woke up and was super fussy. I checked all the things you’re supposed to- was she hungry?! So I breadfed her. Then I tried burping her. Then I changed her diaper. Then I tried shhh. Then I walked. I sat in the rocker. She wanted to cluster feed. Another thing I don’t remember experiencing with Enzo.
Cluster feeding is exhausting. Basically your kid wants to frantically eat… it happened to me at the hospital too. You spend two hours moving your baby from one boob to the other and she frantically sucks the life out of you.. don’t worry this is normal. (I asked).  I didn’t realize that it was cluster feeding until this morning when I could think straight.
Last night I hit my wit’s end… I had to drop in the towel and go wake up my husband. I told him- I’ve run out of ideas and she won’t stop crying. He got up and took her in his arms and magically the crying stopped. I think babies can sense the stress.

Day 15 3/15 Wednesday
You guys! More cluster feeding though I was mentally prepared for it… I also turned in the TV so I was somewhat entertained. Sofia and I finally fell asleep and woke up at 7 am-just in time to get big brother ready for school.
We had to go to the doctor today – the snow UGH. It’s awful. Luckily my husband was with me.
Baby is weighing 7 lb 14 oz- I guess that cluster feeding is paying off. By the time i got home everything hurt
In other news why am I craving weird food? I’m not pregnant anymore?! Has anyone else experienced this?! Today I was craving jello – why?!
day 16 – 3/16 – Thursday
You guys! I actually managed to help my son finish his homework packet on time! My aunt came over tonight to visit and she held the baby and did the dishes. (Thank you TIA!)
Today I learned that sometimes a baby can cry and then just like magic, she can STOP and sleep for a LOOONG time ?
Day 17 – Friday- 3/17
We survived this week! Haha!
Seriously this week everyone’s been tired… as evident by our inability to get our son to school on time most of this week.
Thank God for my mom who fed us dinner today.
Did you know that salmon is supposed to help w/ milk production? I have a Pinterest board on breastfeeding and there are tons of tricks there on how to pump better, what to eat to increase milk production and more.
I am still pretty tired and I have to remind myself that I only gave birth 2 weeks ago! We definitely don’t talk about postpartum care as much as we should… really, we don’t talk about prenatal care or postanatal care enough! Maternity has a LONG way to go in “the greatest country”in the world. Yes, with in quotations, because we know that’s a bunch of malarkey.
I got my last paycheck today… and it just makes me think about the lack of paid leave in this country and how companies and executives making millions do not take care of their employees.  They see paid leave as a perk that is made available to top executives and not “the lower ranks.” Honestly it makes me bitter and resentful against my employer… but enough about that because I don’t need to be bitter right now. I’m too busy making milk and healing my body.
In other news today she cluster fed during the day- I’m hoping this means that this will sleep more at night now?!
Day 18- Saturday- 3/18
Confession- I haven’t showered in days…now clarification. I not saying I haven’t cleansed myself. I do that every time I pee, as I was told to do by the nurses at the hospital. I’m just saying to haven’t actually showered in days… or maybe it just feels that way since I am living in my pjs.
I wanted to take a walk today- haven’t been out since I took the baby to the doctor. But this weather– seriously WTH? It is snowing so I am staying home instead.
Today I tried to spend quality time with my son. We worked on some bingo printables together. Meltdowns were kept to a minimum. (and you can check out the bingo printables here.) But truthfully meltdowns are still happening. I think it’s his way of getting attention, you know the bad kind! So that’s why I am trying to do fun things with him.
Day 19 – Sunday 3/19
My daughter was driving me to insanity. I had to wake my husband and ask him to take her bc I didn’t know what was wrong with her.
Thank goodness for him. This morning he took the kids out for a walk while I took a nap. Then he brought me back some fresh pressed juice, coffee and Colombian bread from my favorite bakery. Winning.
I think I have to start pumping bc I literally started leaking today. But I’m avoiding it. I mean I now it will give me some freedom (and this hair and these nails need some serious TLC) but ugh the thought of hooking my boobs to the machine- well UGHHHHHH
My son went on a play date and while I have some organizing to do in my daughters nonexistent nursery (also known as the guest bedroom/storage space until I can get my ish together and fix it room).
I have been enjoying just laying on the couch… rest is NOT overrated my friends. Especially when you push a baby out of your va-jay jay.

Remember how I said that my son was in love with his baby sister?? Well check him out here… he has an Instagram account @enzosmundo, and he likes posting pictures of himself and his sister (and occasionally Ninja Turtles too, haha!)


Day 20 – 3/20 Monday
She did that cluster feeding thing and sucked me dry and I was so exhausted – my husband rescued me when I couldn’t calm the baby down and then I fell asleep. The next morning I was so tired so I just fell asleep. Some days I’m just mad at myself for sleeping so much bc i feel that there is so much I need to be doing… but the truth is that I am SO tired that all I can do right now
is sleep bc it is clear that my body needs it.
I did manage to shower AND it was nice out so I went for a walk and got a haircut. not bad at all, especially considering I started today’s entry with words “WORST DAY EVER.”

Check out my breastfeeding Pinterest board:




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