My Postpartum Diary: Days 41-50

​Thanks for reading all about my postpartum life in My Postpartum Diary. If you are just reading this make sure to check it out from the beginning.


Monday April 10th day 41
Had to take my boy to the city because he was still not feeling great (He had a stomach virus … did you already read about days 31-40?)
Tuesday April 11th- day 42
I’ve been trying out a lot of different carriers. Today I tried the Moby. I got this when my son was little but we didn’t use it a lot. I love the softness, however I think it is really hard to put on… but she was so snug in it.  What’s your fave carrier?
my postpartum diary
Today I was taking care of something for my son and all of a sudden I stopped and I heard him talking to his sister, “No te preocupes, mama está haciendo una cosa para mi, pero ya viene leche viene ok?” which translates into “Don’t worry, mama is doing something for me, but milk is coming, ok?” which of course melted my heart.
(In case you’re wondering, I know mamá is spelled with á but my son calls me mama, with no accent, and I love it).
Wednesday April 12th day 43
Today I actually thought that my life could be a sitcom. I mean… just imagine this. We were getting ready to leave the house with both kids because it’s spring break… so we have to all get ready to go to the doctors’ office.
My son was complaining about something (probably getting dressed or what he was wearing as kids normally do). He was jumping up and down and he got a splinter in his foot. a BIG ASS splinter.
So I had to try to get it out… while he was screaming bloody murder… all this while the clock was ticking and I still had to get dressed (walking around half dressed with my hair in a towel) … I couldn’t get the damn splinter out– my kid would scream and fidget and I broke it off instead of pulling it out– so finally at some point I gave up.
So I just said “Well I guess I’m going to go to the city by myself.” So I did. I put the baby in the carrier and I took the bus and then the train and after the doctor’s office I rewarded myself with Shake Shack. (I really do need to stop eating that by the way).
The doctor’s visit went great, the baby is already 10 pounds! Also we discovered that Jimmy Fallon wrote a kid’s book called You’re baby’s first word will be DADA. Did you know that?
Thursday April 13 day 44
Lots of pumping, lots of burping… today I felt liek she sucked the life out of me. It was just one of those days.
Friday April 14 day 45
Today I ventured out in my dad’s car. I drove around Astoria and it felt nice. I don’t need to drive a lot since I live in NYC, and years ago I got into an accident on the highway and now I don’t really like to drive that much, which is, to say, limiting. I must get over that fear.  (Easier said than done).
It’s Good Friday today. My aunt from California came to visit and meet Sofia. 
Sat April 15 day 46
Tonight we got the chance to see friends from Miami. We all went out to dinner, baby included! We went to a local restaurant, where they have pizza and vegan pizza, called Tufino. It was very family friendly and if you’re ever in Astoria, I recommend it.
If you’re going out with babies I recommend going out to an early dinner, (we met at 6pm) and making  a reservation so you don’t have to wait. If you can feed your baby before you go out, that way you don’t have to while you’re at the restaurant, but honestly, I don’t even sweat it anymore. If baby is hungry I just feed her. That’s a huge difference from my firstborn, where I would definitely hide and didn’t really feel that comfortable doing it in public.
Sunday April 17 day 47
It’s Easter Sunday and it’s a beautiful day out- everyone is going about crazy around here today- call it spring fever?
At one point I was hiding in the bathroom and drying my hair (which is a luxury these days, and I hardly ever do it), blasting Ed Sheeran and then Gilberto Santa Rosa (-: a good bicultural girl will do) and enjoying the peace of mind until someone needed to poop… so that lasted all of 4 minutes.
This is my attempt to take an Easter themed pic.
Monday April 17 day 48
My princess wanted to be attached to me today. I felt like she literally wanted to be attached to my boob ALL DAY LONG.
Sometimes she sleeps for chunks at a time, and sometimes like today- she doesn’t st all, that meant I couldn’t really get anything done.
So I put her in my beco carrier (which I love) and I took her out. I went shopping with both kids! Big brother needed sneakers.
At the store she started screaming bloody murder so I had to feed her. I managed to feed her while she was in the carrier. The sales ladies saw me struggling and asked me if I wanted to sit in the back. That was sweet.
Tuesday April 18th day 49
When you feel like your newborn sucking the life out of you get dressed put on a little make up and get out of the house. That’s exactly what I had to do today because she was driving me up the wall.
Wed April 19th day 50
I still haven’t sent out the baby annoncements, and I’m so late on my thank you notes. If you’re reading this and you sent me a gift, know that i’m so grateful and that there is a thank you note coming!
Can we talk baby hygiene for a moment? My baby keeps her fists clenched a lot so they smell like sweat. And the baby rolls – turns that it isn’t easy to get them clean…what’s up with that??
Stay tuned for the next installment!


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