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Must-Reads for Bilingual Kids: Dr. Seuss in Spanish!


Reading is a great way to teach our kids new vocabulary in Spanish. If we pick books that our kids know and love, they will be excited about reading in Spanish! A perfect option? The timeless classics of Dr. Seuss in Spanish!

Dr. Seuss is a beloved children’s author and an important part of the American children’s literature landscape. Here are some books you can read with your kids en español that keep the essence of Dr. Seuss’ classics alive, the rhymes, silliness and fun that are quintessentially Seuss.

El Lórax: Before it was chic or in style to be environmentally conscious, Dr. Seuss was raising awareness with this book, “The Lorax.” Read the book with your kids, and then watch the movie too (en español, por supuesto!) 


¡ Cómo el Grinch robó la Navidad ! (Spanish Edition) That evil Grinch wants to ruin Christmas for everyone, surely he can be stopped!

Hay Un Molillo En Mi Bolsillo! / There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! 



Huevos Verdes con Jamón This silly tale will surely make your kids laugh… you can take the learning and fun into the kitchen!

Cook up some delicious green eggs and ham!  Cooking with your kids is a great opportunity to develop their language skills!

Check out these great recipes: Green Eggs and Ham from 100 days of Real Food and Green Eggs and Ham – using a Fried Egg!

Un Pez, Dos Peces, Pez Rojo, Pez Azul  Basic words and repetition, it’s a great way to practice vocabulary! You can also make an activity to go along with it!

The Cat in the Hat: In English and Spanish This bilingual book is a perfect edition to your child’s bilingual library

Dr. Seuss books are rhythmic and fun and for me, this is key. It is important to always make language learning fun, so our children don’t think of it as a chore, but rather, as a game! If nuestros chiquitos are having fun while they learn, they won’t even think of it as an obligation, it will be something they look forward to. FUN is the key to getting our kids to love Spanish and not enjoy it, and delay the rebellious stage as long as possible!

How do you make language learning fun? Share  your thoughts below!

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Dr. Seuss in Spanish

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