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Learning to Read Syllables in Spanish

Since my son loves best through play, I often think about how to make learning Spanish more fun. He loves building so I created these syllables in Spanish that can be used to “build” words, by learning sounds and putting them together. 

Syllables in Spanish

Here are a few ways I use these printable to practice syllables in Spanish:

  1. Practice the sounds out loud.  In Spanish, you learn the syllables with their corresponding sounds, example: MA, ME, MI, MO, MU, etc. 
  2. Practice reading the number of syllables words have. I create a word, and have my son tell me how many syllables are in the words. 
  3. Create words. Have your child create a certain number of words using the syllables available. 
  4. Practice vocabulary and meaning: Create words that your child may or may not know, and have him/her read it, and then, ask what the word means in English. 
  5. Make it a game/race: How many words can your child write in 1 minute, for example? Have fun! 


Download your pack of syllables in Spanish here. 

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Hope this resource helps you and your kiddos practice their Spanish~

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