ICYMI: Here’s What You Need to Know About El Hipnotizador

sponsorship ElHipnotizador LadydeeLGICYMI, El Hipnotizador premiered last week on HBO Latino – the good news is you can still catch the first episode on HBO Now and on HBO Latino. This show is a huge production with a great story and characters. If you love mystery and murders, this bilingual series (It’s in Spanish and Portuguese with subtitles in English) is worth checking out.

El Hipnotizador tells the story of Arenas, a hypnotist who arrives to a new town and starts working at el Teatro Rex.

Arenas is a mysterious man who has the incredible power of hypnotizing people. You won’t know much about him after the first episode, and that’s partly what makes this show so appealing. The talented actor that bring Arenas to life is Leonardo Sbaraglia, a renown Argentine actor. It’s nice to be introduced to new Latin American talent, and there’s plenty in El Hipnotizador.


Arenas has one problem though: he can’t sleep. He has another problem too, his name is Darek, and while I can’t figure out if he’s  entirely good or bad yet, it seems he hates Arenas and he’s the reason why Arenas can’t sleep. Darek senses Arenas is in town and is determined to find him.

OK, truthfully it seems Arenas has other problems too (he seems to be a somewhat perturbed man). Arenas sketches and sees a bride in his thoughts- a bride with an empty look on her face, as if she is looking into nothingness. I don’t know who she is, but she seems to have a strong hold on Arenas. She is completely unresponsive, showing no emotion when Arenas holds her.



Lucia is a young woman who seeks Arenas’ help. She has recurring dream with a man with a bird head – and she wants Arenas to help her figure out who he is, and why she is dreaming about him. Arenas will hypnotize her in front of a full theater and what happens next is jaw dropping. (You will just have to watch to find out!)

Another interesting character is Mr. Salinero, the owner of  Hotel Las Violetas, where Arenas is staying—Sr. Salinero is a nosey man who figures out Arenas can’t sleep and pries and prods into Arenas’ behavior. I’m sure there is more to him that we know so far.

El Hipnotizador is on HBO Latino every Friday evening at 10pm ET/9 CT. You can catch the first episode on HBO Now and HBO Latino now so you’re all caught up by Friday! (or catch the first episode on HBO Latino’s Facebook page NOW!)


Aside from the story line and the complex characters, another reason to check out El Hipnotizador is its’ top notch quality. The show’s images are clear and crisp, and they have really cool special effects. Go ahead, let yourself be hypnotized! #EntraEnHipnosis!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of HBO Latino and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.

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