How to Throw an Easy Ninja Turtles Birthday Party


My son turned four this year and we celebrated with a low-key and easy Ninja Turtles party. I was in my last semester of grad school and honestly I didn’t have time to do a big shindig this year… and Enzo didn’t seem to want one either… which really makes me think that sometimes it’s us (parents) who want to go overboard!  So here’s how I threw my son a super-low key Ninja Turtle birthday party:



I love cupcakes and prefer them to a cake because they are SO easy to eat and serve! Also, I bought this awesome cupcake tower for his second birthday and I am determined to get my money’s worth!

I did make the cupcakes from scratch and the icing and of course my little chef helped!)

I found some free printable cupcake toppers online and I printed them on card stock.




A banner and balloons. That’s it. Do kids need more? not really, they can be entertained for hours with balloons!



This is a no-brainer! OF COURSE PIZZA!!!! Ninja turtle plates. DONE.



The party was small and was in our home, so guess what? The kids had fun playing with my son’s toys. No need to get extra entertainment!



I am very close to nixing goodie bags but I didn’t entirely… but I have modified them from previous years. Girls got a Frozen plate and cup and boys got a Ninja Turtles bowl and cup. I used to let myself go crazy and put lots of stuff in goody bags but I hate the stuff that my kid gets that I end up throwing out (or it ends up invading his room!) so now I keep it simple. Sometimes less is more.

My son had a great time during his low-key and easy Ninja Turtles birthday party!


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