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How to Throw a Tres Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

On March 7th 2020, I threw my daughter a Fancy Nancy birthday party. Little did I know that that party was going to be the last time we ever did anything remotely normal … and here we are two years later, and we are starting to have celebrations again.

So, If your kiddo is obsessed with Fancy Nancy like mine was, here are some fun ways to throw a très chic Fancy Nancy party!

Fancy Nancy is a little girl who is obsessed with all things French. She loves using fancy words in French and for us, it’s perfect since we speak French at home. Fancy Nancy was a perfect party celebration for our little girl!

Here is how I made magical Tres Fancy Nancy Party:

1. The Decor

First, make sure things sparkle. I ordered this great pink shiny backdrop. 

Second, no Fancy Nancy party is complete without some Eiffel Towers, and of course, pink galore!

Fancy Nancy party pink backdrop


I also decorated with fairy wings and necklaces and feather boas.

2. Entertainment!  I recommend a magician or some face painting, which is always a hit with adults and kids! (Our fave in NYC is The Cheeky Chipmunk).

2. And of course, you gotta have the piñata. 

Fancy Nancy piñata

I used a fancy white table cloth, and also added the cupcakes in a cakes stands of different sizes, Eiffel Tower decorations and boas and necklaces to decorate.

3. Accesories, s’il vous plaît!  

I purchased the fairy wings at Dollar Tree, along with some necklaces and bracelets.

I purchased some foam crowns so that the children could decorate.

4. The Food has to be très chic. 

For food we had: croissant sandwiches, brownie butterflies, butterfly tea sandwiches and cupcakes with edible glitter, bien sur.

I purchased a butterfly cookie cutter to make butterfly tea sandwiches and brownie butterflies. We also had very chic fruit skewers.

Personalized drinks – I purchased these plastic bottles and used transparent tape to personalize them.

5. Thank You Gift

I purchased some Fancy Nancy “I Can Read” books and wrapped them up with tissue paper. I also downloaded free thank you printable from Daisy Celebrates. Fancy Nancy party favors

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Fancy Nancy Birthday Party Ideas 


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