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How to Have a Fun and Easy Disney Playdate

When I got the news I was going to host a Disney playdate, I was so excited because if you know me you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything Disney. Then, something happened. I’ve been in a funk (Mercury retrograde? state of the world? gray hairs? who knows!) and so I kept delaying my playdate. Finally, I thought, “I have to have this party!” And, if you’re in a funk, what better way than to get out of it with friends, food, and DISNEY? I mean, it really IS pixie dust magic y’all. 

I’m really grateful that I got a chance to get together with other mamas and kids. Sometimes we forget what it is like to look at the world through kids’ eyes, and seeing the kiddos get excited for Freeze Dance and dancing, or the piñata, and cookie decorating… well it let took me out of my head and allowed me to be in the present moment. 

Because I’m a huge Mickey fan, I already had a lot of Mickey related ideas — my son’s third birthday was Mickey themed — but this time around I added a few new ideas. 

Way to Have an Easy Disney Playdate

Having a playdate doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Really, all you need is the THREE Fs: Friends, food and fun. 

Here are some ways I added Disney magic to my playdate: 


I started preparing for the playdate a few days before, making these Mickey Mouse pita chips. Aren’t they SUPER CUTE?? (and so EASY to make!) 

Mickey Mouse Pita Chips

I also made Mickey Mouse sandwiches. I love these because they are little, perfect for little hands, and you can fill them with just about anything you can think of: peanut butter and jelly (as long as no one is allergic!), cream cheese, jams, tuna, or even make grilled cheese!)

Mickey Mouse sandwiches

and used my Mickey Mouse chips and dip bowl. 

I used this cookie cutter which is absolutely one of my favorite things. I got it for my son’s birthday years ago and this Mickey Mouse cookie cutter was definitely a great buy! 

As a center piece, I put out this beautiful Popped Passion popcorn cake. It was sweet, yummy and a big hit with the mamas! This popcorn cake was Mickey Mouse themed, but these popcorn cakes are customizable for any type of party.


Mickey Mouse everywhere! I am all for EASY and I find that the easiest decorations are the ones that you can hang up without a fuss. We used this set of Mickey Mouse hanging decorations. 

I also made a fun backdrop with streamers and Mickey Mouse faces. Check it out: 

DIY Mickey Mouse photo backdrop


You can curate your own Disney playlist using your preferred music provider or use anything on the web. Apple also has free playlists you can access here: 


Every fun playdate and party must have a piñata! If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I LOVE piñatas. We had a beautiful Mickey Mouse piñata which I filled with chocolate, necklaces, stickers, barrettes. (I am trying to limit the use of plastic toys that will end up in a landfill, so I stuck to things I knew parents would like and kids could really play with). 

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. 

When you’re feeling kind of down, play dates are a great way to feel that kid magic. Preparing for this playdate, and having moms over to chat about life, motherhood and Disney was just what I needed. My daughter was so happy to have her friends over. She loved the piñata, and eating the candy off the Popped Passion popcorn cake (she was sneaky too). Playdates don’t have to be elaborate to have fun. You can repurpose many things in your home, or even host a pajama/movie playdate! Like I said, you just need the THREE Fs: Friends, food and fun!

#NowMoreThanEver playdates are all about celebrating the magic of Disney! There are always great things happening at Disney, and this year there are great things happening at Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios is celebrating its 30th anniversary! You can find out more info on 

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how to have a fun and easy disney playdate

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