Hot Pursuit: Sofia and Reese Kick Butt

Thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures, a few days ago I got the chance to meet Sofia Vergara, learn about her new jewelry collection AND check out her latest movie, Hot Pursuit. What a treat!

Sofia Vergara and ladydeelg

First of all, let’s talk about Sofia Vergara… not only is she absolutely stunning but she is SO NICE! She thanked us all for coming out and talked to us about her jewelry collection — which I’m in love with btw. She has partnered with Kay Jewelers and she approved all the pieces herself… and yes she has excellent taste. You can check out Sofia’s jewelry here.

Now let’s talk about the movie, which you can check out on May 8th. Hot Pursuit is so FUNNY! I knew that Sofia Vergara was funny — and she’s hilarious in Hot Pursuit– especially when she breaks out the Spanish and makes fun of the uptight Officer Cooper, played by Reese Witherspoon.

Reese Witherspoon in Hot Pursuit

Now, let’s talk about Reese Witherspoon. Boy, can she act! She is HILARIOUS! Playing an uptight police officer who has to do everything by the book, she and Sofia Vergara make a unconventional yet great team! She maybe uptight but don’t let her crazy attitude fool you — she is a tough and smart cookie!


Sofia Vergara, along with Reese Witherspoon bring this hilarious comedy to life. Hot Pursuit is definitely a great movie to catch with your mom this weekend or your girlfriends (there’s a hottie in the movie too!)  even your significant other (because what guy doesn’t love Sofia Vergara?)


Hot Pursuit is not about damsels in distress and as you will see, it is not all that it seems to be when you start watching– there are plenty of twists that will surprise you! You will just see, things aren’t always what they seem! These ladies make a pretty good team!

As a feminist, I love that this movie has two strong female leads and is directed by a woman, Anne Fletcher (who also directed Step Up and The Proposal).

Hot Pursuit is a fun movie with action, and plenty laughter. Check it out this weekend and support women in film, because we need more awesome women kicking butt in Hollywood.


Photos courtesy of Warner Bros.

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