Healthy Fundraising Ideas For Your School

healthy fundraiser ideas- fruit cups

If you’re a parent anywhere in the United States, chances are you’ve either had to plan a fundraiser, or had to give money for a school fundraiser. The truth is, our schools are underfunded and schools, teachers and PTAs have to be creative in the ways they raise money for an array of things like supplies, or art or music classes, or school trips. Schools fundraise for EVERYTHING you can think of!

I love the idea of healthy fundraisers because well, my kid is already exposed to a lot of junk food, do we need to have unhealthy fundraisers as well? There are many more ways to raise funds that don’t have anything to do with selling baked goods!


Here are 15 healthy fundraising ideas to raise funds without the sugar!

Healthy Fundraising Ideas For Your School

1. A holiday boutique. They have this at my son’s school, and it’s awesome! Held during holidays, (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, for example). The children bring in money in an envelope, and they can purchase items for $1-$5 (you can pick how much you want to charge). I’ve gotten a few very cute things, including this best mom ever mug.

2. Flea market: Get families to donate the clothes they do not want (and in good condition) and books, other items, and then sell them for a super affordable price ($1 for example).
fundraising idea-flea market

Photo credit: Pixabay/Purpura

3. Readathon during holiday season. How many books can kids read during the holidays season? Have kids take pledges for every book they read. (ex. $1 per book read) if they read 5 books, $5 and have 10 people pledge that’s $50!) If there are 25 kids in class, that’s $1250! (even if a kid only reads 2 books, that’s $2, 10 people = $20, 25 kids = $500! Per class!)

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4. Fruit (or other healthy snacks) sales (instead of bake sales!) you can sell bananas, cups of strawberries, small fruit salads, granola bars, yogurt parfaits, protein power balls, apple sauce pouches, just to name a few!

5. Danceathon! You can raise money for the number of songs danced, or have people pledge for the whole event. Parents and kids can participate!

Another version: walkathon: people can pledge for number of blocks/laps walked.

Photo credit: Pixabay/luisb

6. Supply sale. When I was in grade school, our school had a supply store with folders, erasers, crayons, cute pencils… I used to LOVE going there. (I loved school!)

healthy fundraiser ideas

7. Holiday Festival: Have a holiday festival with multiple stations where kids and parents can participate in fun activities (face painting, arts and crafts, ring toss, etc).

fundraising ideas- pumpkin decorating station
Decorating pumpkin station at Fall Festival


8. Movie night: Host a movie night, entrance is free and (mostly healthy) refreshments are sold.

9. Showcase businesses in the neighborhood. Ask businesses for gift certificates and other things you can raffle off.

Healthy fundraiser- friendly sports events

Photo credit: Pixabay/tomas_workman0

10. Friendly sports event: Teachers versus parents, for example. It can be basketball, soccer, or any other sport! There are a few ways to make money:

  • sell entrance tickets
  • healthy refreshments at the games
  • raffles
  • uniforms

11. Talent show: Tickets can be sold and refreshments as well.

12. Dress down day: When I was in Catholic school, we had dress down days for $1. It’s an easy way to raise some funds.

13. Student artwork show and display: Students can share and sell their artwork! 

14. A penny war. Have each student collect pennies, whichever class gets the most pennies wins, you could also have more prizes (number one fundraiser, for example). If there are coins that are NOT pennies, then those get deducted from the total count in the student’s total.

Healthy fundraiser idea- penny war

15. Bingo night. You can sell the cards and refreshments and request donations for prizes (it’s another great way to showcase community stores and services).



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