Awesome Gifts for Activist Moms

What to give the activist mom in your life? Good news! I’ve got you covered! I’ve curated a list of perfect gifts for activists moms that you will love giving and she will love receiving!

Keep Marching by Kristin Rowe-Finkelbeiner 

Keep Marching, written by Kristin Rowe-Finkelbeiner the Executive Director of MomsRising, is a call to action and a road map for moms who want to become activists, for activists who want to perfect their activism.  The book will be available on May 1st but you can preorder it now! In this book she explains why it’s pressing that women of all backgrounds get together to fight for what is right. Your activist mama will surely love what Rowe-Finkelbeiner has to say.

Vote Like a Mother Tee & Totes 

Sara, the creator of Vote like a Mother tees, is on a mission: to get moms politically engaged and active. Here vision is “to achieve the world we want: one that’s just, equitable,and sustainable for the long term.”

Proceeds of sales of tees and canvas totes (you can buy those here) will go to MomsRising!

A post shared by Vote Like a Mother (@votelikeamother) on You can also have your mama carry her stuff in style with the Vote like a Mother totes!

My Intent Jewelry  

What is one word that describes that super activist mama in your life? It can be to inspire, to say how awesome she is…. the sky is the limit! I have two, and I love them. Tons of customizable options!

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Because when you’re out protesting, tweeting, and raising your voice you need to have a fully charged phone! This is a great charger that will give you a full charge within two hours, and best of all it is SOLAR powered!

Phenomenal Women Tee 

Isn’t this tee awesome? Simple yet there is such a statement. Proceeds of sales go to a list of organizations including: Dr. Maya Angelou Foundation, United State of Women, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and Girl Who Code, among others


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I’ve always wondered what happens if I have to pee while I’m at a rally? Well, this exists! It helps women go to the bathroom when there is no other option!

Persist the Game 

Three women created Persist, “a card game that encourages players to strengthen their bonds with one another, laughing, learning, and sharing one’s woes all the while.” Available via UnCommon Goods here. 

I Stand With Immigrants Tee 

If immigrant rights is something your activist mom cares about, then this tee is perfect! and just in time for June– Immigrant Heritage Month. You can purchase it here. 

i am an immigrant tee



Kindness is Everything Pillow

Proceeds of this pillow (and other household items available here) go to Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health. Wouldn’t this look awesome in your home?

Nevertheless She Persisted scarf

Talk about a statement scarf! Activist moms will love this scarf with the words spoken about Elizabeth Warren, who kept going when they were trying to shut her up. 


Donate to your Activist Mama’s Fave organization! 

Sometimes moms don’t need things. (Any minimalist moms out there?) If that’s the case, she will appreciate if you make a donation in her name to her fave organization. Here are some kick ass orgs helping advance women’s causes:

A Better Balance 

Family Values @ Work

Planned Parenthood


National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Awesome Gifts for Activist Moms

Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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