Fun and Easy Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Some of my best childhood memories are my birthday parties. We lived in a small railroad apartment but my mom always made our birthdays special. So, I want to do the same for my kids. My husband said one year olds don’t need a birthday party but I begged to differ. So, I threw my daughter a small but adorable unicorn birthday party– because unicorns are awesome!


Here’s how I threw my daughter’s first birthday a fun and easy unicorn birthday party:

Delicious magical cupcakes are a must!

Our cupcakes were made by a local baker in my area, Sugarsnap Bakery. She made delicious swirl cupcakes with edible gold glitter. I ordered vegan chocolate cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes.


Have a fun photo booth.

I found these cute unicorn props on Etsy (Abbey Gate Designs) for under $7. I printed them on card stock and purchased dowels (a fancy name for the sticks you put these on, haha!) at Michael’s.

I made the photo booth backdrop with simple streamers in colors that matched the party theme, and hung them with painter’s tape. Easy peasy.

I loved that we had the option to personalize two of the word bubbles — I created “I’m Sofia’s favorite” and “I’m going to change the world.”

easy unicorn birthday party ideas - photobooth

Facepainting makes the party magical for kids and adults alike!

The fabulous Cheeky Chipmunk facepainted the little kids and the big kids!


Snacks that went with the theme. We had unicorn food and unicorn kisses just for fun (the kids had pizza and the grownups had Italian food).



Unique decorations and banners for the win!

I made my daughter a banner (you can see how I did it here).

Simple goodie bags as a thank you.

The goodie bags were simple: plastic cups with bubbles and chocolate.  I covered them with cellophane paper (made it look so pretty!) and I put them on the table for decoration.

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Diana Limongi
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