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#FrenchFridays: Interview with Pauline Lévêque, creator of Beep Beep Books!

Pauline Lévêque might not consider herself a mompreneur, but I’d say she is just that.  Before becoming a children’s books author, Pauline was a journalist and reporter for French publications such as Le Journal du Dimanche and Paris Match. 

But the arrival of her son, Georges, awakened a desire that many moms know too well… the desire of spending more time with her child. It was because of her son Georges’ love for cars that Pauline created the little red car, “Beep Beep.” Pauline told Georges many stories and soon she realized that Beep Beep could become a book, and used her love of drawing and painting to create the story of Beep Beep in France, her first book, which is available in English.

Pauline soon realized that there weren’t many French/English bilingual books for children.. so she decided to make Beep Beep’s adventures bilingual.

Pauline shared that she went to the biggest French children’s publishers pitching her Beep Beep books, but no one seemed interested, so Pauline published them herself. (How awesome is that?) She says she went door to door to small shops in West Village, and was delighted when shopkeepers took her books, and they sold! She also presented her books at the Taste of France event, and sold out as well.

See why I say she’s a mompreneur?

Her second book, Beep Beep in the Countryside (A la campagne) takes the little red car on a journey in the countryside where she encounters butterflies, snails and other animals. (Most notably, the taureau, the bull.)


Pauline’s life in NYC and Raising a Bilingual Child 

I asked Pauline about what her life was like in NYC. “Do you miss France?” I asked. I love asking French people if they miss France, because having lived there, I know what I miss: mainly the food, and the Mediterranean beaches. Pauline said she went to France every year, and her parents and her in-laws come to visit often, so she doesn’t miss it really.

She shared that Georges would not speak a lot initially, until one day he started speaking fluently in French and English! She says her son loves languages, and he has even said a few words in Spanish and Italian, thanks to the multicultural kids he is surrounded by in his preschool.

Upcoming projects 

Pauline is planning to take Beep Beep all over the world! Her upcoming book, which will be out in November, will take Beep Beep to Paris. Like the previous books, Pauline will be writing the story and doing all the paintings (watercolors, by hand). Here is a sneak peak:

Beep Beep in Paris sketch 2
Photo credit: Pauline Lévêque

In addition to Paris, Pauline also plans to take Beep Beep to New York, Rome, London and more!

Beep Beep in Paris sketch
Photo credit: Pauline Lévêque


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For more information on Pauline and Beep Beep, visit her site,



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