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10 Reasons Why We Need a French Dual language Program in Queens

Ladydee’s note: Last year, I formed a parent group to bring a French DLP to Astoria/LIC. So far we have over 110 families (with kids ranging in ages 0-5) interested in French bilingual education in Queens. Here are 10 reasons why we need a program like this in Queens!

1. A DLP brings affordable (free) bilingual education to Queens. 

At over $20,000 private French education in NYC is hors prix. A French DLP can allow parents of all income levels to give the gift of bilingualism to their child. Queens residents need options here in our borough!

These are the school offering French DLP programs... none in Queens!
These are the school offering French DLP programs… none in Queens!

2. The earlier you start learning a second language, the better.

Our kids shouldn’t wait until middle school! Check out 6 fantastic reasons why children should be introduced to languages as early as possible

3. Fluency in a native language will help a child master English.

Researchers from Griffith University examined the effect on Australian children of becoming literate in a minority language, and concluded that bilingualism provides many advantages. They found that children who continue to learn another language after going to school and being immersed in English often show signs of having a better working memory, an enhanced ability to learn and improved concentration and attention.” Read more here.

4. Bilingualism is a great gift.

It does not only have the ability to connect people with their roots and ancestors, but it can also help them foster their self-esteem and develop their creativity. Because bilingual kids are constantly learning in two ways, they learn how to view the world in different ways. This enhances their problem solving skills and critical thinking.

Benefits of being bilingual

5. Learning French will help children excel in other subjects,

such as other languages, and bilinguals students also show they perform better in standardized tests.

6. Over 220 million people speak French in the world.

How cool to have your children be able to understand that many more people?!

7. Living in an increasingly globalized world, learning French will help kids travel, work and live in other places.

French is not only spoken in France, it is spoken in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and parts of Africa. You never know where your children will end up… equipping them with language skills early on will be a huge advantage for them.

8. It’s THE language of travel

France is the number one visited country in the world. Imagine being able to visit France and having your child understand everything… your own little tour guide.

9. Being bilingual exercises the brain.

Ellen Bialystok, researcher and expert on bilingualism says “Bilingualism is good for you. It makes brains stronger. It is brain exercise.”

10. Queens is the most diverse neighborhood in NYC.

It is one of the beautiful things about our borough. It is only natural that we offer dual language programs in our very diverse public schools. Manhattan and Brooklyn have French DLPs, why can’t we have one here?

2014 FRench DLP Programs NYC


Are you interested in French bilingual education for your child? Will your child will start kindergarten in 2015 or onward?

If YES, please check out the French/English Dual Language Program in Astoria/LIC Facebook page and also fill out our questionnaire.

For more information, please email duallanguage dot astoria at gmail dot com. 

Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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