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French Classes for Kids in Astoria: La Caravane FrancoFun

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You may know that I’m committed to teaching my son French. Most (Probably ALL!) of the classes and resources available for French-speaking families are all in Manhattan or Brooklyn, luckily, that’s changed! This summer Astoria residents have brought French classes for kids to Astoria. The classes are for children ages 6 months-5 years. We are thrilled!

La Caravane’s classes are taught by native French speakers (moms) who are French teachers here in NYC. I’ve taken my son to the classes for older children (3-5 years). The classes offer a range of activities: free play, group activities, songs, movement and art. The children are taught vocabulary through songs, books, toys and games.

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La Caravane FrancoFun is offering drop in classes this summer. There are only two left before the end of the summer, so be sure to check them out! The creators hope that they can bring the classes to Astoria starting September. We are so excited! We know that there are many French-speaking families in Queens that would love to participate in these classes!

Part of the reason why I’m excited about La Caravane coming to Astoria is because for about a year now, a group of parents and I have been trying to bring a French Dual language program to Queens. We really hope to make this a reality! That is why I’m launching a section on my blog soon entitled, “French Fridays.” French Fridays will cover anything French… culture, food, books, language, anything goes!

french classes in Astoria

For more information on La Caravane FrancoFun please visit their Facebook page. If you have any suggestions on anything you would like covered for “French Fridays” please email me at diana.ladydeelg at gmail dot com, or leave a comment below!



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