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Free Dia de los Muertos Cupcake Toppers

Day of the Dead, of Día de los Muertos, is celebrated throughout Latin America in different forms but in Mexico it takes a special form — it is not a sad day, rather it is a festive celebration. In Mexico, the colorful celebration lasts two days (November 1st and 2nd) which correspond to the Catholic holidays of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

In preparation for this celebration, people build altars to remember their loved ones, and fill it with photos, candles, favorite food and drinks of the deceased as well. They decorate them with vivid colors and marigolds called cempasuchil .


One of the symbols of Day of the Dead is the calavera, or a skull. Many or confused by this and think that the holiday is supposed to be scary (like Halloween) but it is not meant to be gory, scary or sad– everything is supposed to be colorful and beautiful, that is why the skulls, or calaveras, are very colorful. I’ve created these Día de los Muertos Cupcake toppers for your celebrations! (Of course, they can also go on other yummy treats like pan dulce, pan de muerto and more!)

dia de los muertos cupcake toppers

To download the Dia de los Muertos cupcake toppers above click here.


To download the Dia de los Muertos Cupcake Toppers above click here.

How do you celebrate Día de los Muertos? How? Share your thoughts below!

To learn more about el Dia de los Muertos, check out What is Día de Los Muertos?


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