First Measles, Now Mumps, Why Not Vaccinating is NOT OK.

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The first outbreak I heard of was at the Palisades Mall, it was measles. Then it was in the Bronx, at Fordham University, MUMPS.  I also heard about some polio-like outbreaks in California… Now… mumps again! In Inwood (NYC)  and most recently, in Ohio.

So I’m just going to NOT  be politically correct and say that I respect other people’s decisions… I don’t. I think it is outrageous. Why? Because I think people who don’t vaccinate their kids are wrong. Because no one lives in a bubble, so a parent that decides to not vaccinate their child is putting other children and adults at risk.

If you’re not vaccinating your child and she’s at the park with my kid, my kid is at risk. So, no I’m not going to sugar coat it, or say I respect your decision. You’re putting my child, and many other children at risk. Sorry, but it is the truth. You might think, well if you’re child is vaccinated, what does it matter? Well, it does. It matters to the baby that is too young to get a vaccine. If that child comes into contact with your child… there is a chance that your unvaccinated child will give poor innocent child some disease. It’s not OK. It’s irresponsible. It’s a health hazard.

I am all for parental choice but not when it means that we are 1. putting healthy and innocent children at risk and 2. going back on years of efforts to eradicate diseases that are PREVENTABLE.  Do you know that children elsewhere in the world die because they cannot get vaccines?  Did you know that every 20 second a child dies due to a disease that a vaccine could prevent? And here you are CHOOSING not to vaccinate. Talk about first world problems.

Measles, Mumps… what’s next? Are you looking to bring back polio too? Polio has been eradicated in 99 percent of the world, we are certainly not going to turn the tides on that one.


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Please do not send me hate mail about how vaccines cause autism. That is NOT proven… and please don’t quote Jenny McCarthy either.

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Disclosure: This is not a paid post. It was propelled by anger and annoyance at parents who choose to not vaccinate. Also, I’m a shot@life champion, and I believe everyone deserves a shot at living in NYC without fear of getting Measles, mumps, rubella and anything else that a vaccine can prevent. 




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