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5 things I learned during the #FedUpChallenge.

Inspired by the team at, I decided to take on the #FedUpChallenge, and be attempt to be sugar-free for 10 days. Today is my last day.

Here’s what I learned:

1. Coffee without sugar is still coffee. (and it’s still amazingly good.) The first thing that surprised me is that what I thought was going to be hard (no sugar in my coffee) was actually not that bad.

2. Sugar is everywhere. Going into the challenge, I thought that the point would be to realize how hard it was to go sugar-free, in other words, how hard it is to avoid sugar. But I realized, it’s also meant to be an eye-opener—so many things have added sugar that I’m not going to lie: my 10 days were not 100 percent sugar-free.

It wasn’t because I willingly broke the no-sugar rule—I actually did really well saying no to things I knew had sugar, like ketchup, and funnel cakes at Coney Island. (I know, great time to go to Coney Island, right? During my no-sugar week!)  I steered clear of yogurt, for example… I also discovered that even “plain” yogurt has some sugar.

sugar pic monkey


No, what tripped me up were the everyday things in which I didn’t even think to look for added sugar. For example, tomato paste concentrate I used while cooking ground meat for dinner.  I mean, I thought tomato concentrate was tomatoes, concentrated–  I guess not.

Another one was bread. When I started the challenge I had purchased bread from Trader Joes, the bread had three ingredients, none of which were sugar. When that bread finished I bought regular bread and didn’t even think to read the label. It wasn’t until a light bulb went off (can’t remember why) that I turned the package over and read the label…. at least it was sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.

3. I don’t need chocolate as much as I thought I did. A great thing about the challenge was that it taught me to satisfy my sweet tooth with fruit. I ate a lot more bananas, apples and grapes than I normally would. Normally, I would go for a candy bar at the vending machine. But these 10 days showed me I could have the healthier option. The hardest part came when I had to reject a cupcake from Molly’s Cupcakes yesterday…. Truthfully I might have one tomorrow (the mini size, not the big size.)

4. When you can’t have chocolate… you eat more cheese. I couldn’t have chocolate… so I had to find something else that I found as delicious… so, I ate more cheese– because cheese has no added sugar! (Thank goodness, I’m a cheese fiend.)

5. I have more will power that I thought! All in all, I think I did well despite of the hurdles: Molly’s Cupcakes temptation, a trip to Coney Island, and that little thing called PMS time—during which I really, really do crave chocolate… but I managed to not have any! Two thumbs up for me…


So in a nutshell? Fruits as snacks are delicious, I don’t need sugar in my coffee…and  sugar is EVERYWHERE. 


If you’re thinking of doing the #FedUpChallenge and go sugar-free for 10 days, check out the Fed Up website, you can sign up and they offer tips during your challenge!  If you’re doing the challenge, let me know and I will send you supportive tweets along the way! Just tweet me, @dianalimongi…. I had helpful friends who helped me not fall off the bandwagon! You can do it!


Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.


    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! I haven’t seen the movie yet… but I have to say I’m happy I did it… My coffee is now sugarfree! I also think I’m more aware of my sugar intake! so it was a win-win!

    1. It was amazing to see that I was capable of doing it! and now, I don’t need sugar in my coffee anymore! Did you do it?

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