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Every Thursday at 2pm ET MomsRising’s #EarlyEdChat guests on Twitter share information on a great topic in early childhood education. Last week’s topic was how to spend quality family time AND how we can make time for ourselves. It was a great chat with a lot of talented panelists.

The #EarlyEdChat panel for this chat consisted of a great panel:

  • Julie Morgenstern, @JulieMorgenstrn, time management/organization expert and NY Times Bestselling Author

The chat highlighted some points that sometimes we forget and the experts shed light on some things that (in the frenzy of every day life) we don’t think about.

Here are some highlights of the tweet chat! For the full chat you can see the Storify here.

Human connections are so important! 

Quality time helps both parents and children.

Of course, the topic of paid leave came up… because how can we start a good foundation for the relationship with our children when we unfortunately must leave them so young?

The USA is the unfriendliest nation to families on this planet. We are so behind.

Inflexible hours and work environments hurt our family quality time.

I loved this… Marianna from Bilingual Avenue shared how just 10 minutes a day can make a difference in our children’s lives.

We were reminded that quality time is not about quantity:

Those quality moments have a great impact on social-emotional development of our children:

We are reminded that small moments count!

Dr. Dreyer says if you’re wondering if you’re spending quality time with your little one, you probably are on the right track… those are great words that keep me motivated!

Brigid Schulte had great advice: Embrace the ordinary!

Julie Morgenstern is a time management and organization expert and reminds us that we must set limits on phone and computer use.

This is so true, even when we think they are not watching… they are watching and listening to EVERYTHING we say and do!

DELEGATING as much as possible so you can free time up for quality time with our children, that’s what I do!

What keeps parents away from quality time? SCREENS!! Tablets, phones and more!

Every moment can be a special time for bonding with our kids!

Quality time isn’t about quantity it is about the quality of the moments we spend, how invested we are.

We must not put ourselves last!

The importance of parent self-care — crucial not only for parents, but also for children.

YES! It does take a village, it’s important to not isolate ourselves!

Be kind to ourselves! We are not perfect.





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