Fun and Easy Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

My son recently turned two! For his first birthday, he was shocked at how many people came over, and that day he took an extra long nap… so I was determined to make his 2nd birthday a fun affair for him and effortless for me! I have to admit, I got a little carried away… Personally I blame Elmo. Ok, maybe it was my fault for choosing ELMO (a character that has EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine.) I really had to restrain myself… but, Elmo, Pinterest and the Dollar Store really didn’t make it easy… (note: the “Dollar Store” is only cheap when you buy one thing for a buck, not when you want to buy EVERYTHING!)

I’d lke to give a special shoutout to my friend Randi Klein, aka, Doodlehedz, who trekked from Harlem to Astoria to come take some pics! Enjoy Doodlehedz’s magic!


Photo credit: Doodlehedz Photography, Copyright 2013 

The first thing I did was find a place where the kids could have fun, and where Mama wouldn’t have to worry about planning every single detail… I found a place called GYM-AZING in Astoria, NY. They were great—the package included three hostesses, bubbles, bouncy house, games, face painting, decorations, pizza and juice for 12 kids. It also had two spaces, one for the games and a private party room for the cake and food. The hostesses were lovely and Enzo had a ball!


Photo Credit: Doodlehedz Photography, Copyright 2013 

Food: An Elmo Veggie Platter (no, I couldn’t help myself… damn you Pinterest!)


Elmo veggie platter: Grape tomatoes, olives, baby carrots and feta cheese

Loot bags: I had a range of ages, but they mostly consisted of: Elmo/Sesame Street/Hello Kitty coloring books, whistles, Elmo cards, crayons, Earth’s Best Cookie Monster Vanilla Cookies, hair ties for the girls, erasers. I bought colored cellophane paper and wrapped up each gift.


loot bags. The gift bag tags are available here. Thank you to my friend Haath se for making all these downloads FREE! 


The mini chocolate wrappers are available here

Of course… every birthday party need cupcakes! Minis for  the kids, big ones for the big kids! image

Photo credit: Doodlehedz Photography, Copyright 2013 


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