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Easy to Make Trolls Party Snacks

If you are in need of snack inspiration here are some fun recipes that are SUPER easy to make because, life doesn’t need to be complicated right now, amirite? These are perfect to make for tomorrow’s world release of the Trolls World Tour party that is hitting our living rooms tomorrow! 

Here are some easy to make Trolls Party Snacks that will surely be popular with your little ones! These recipes are so easy, your kids can help you make them, and EAT them! 

Easy to Make Trolls Party Snacks

Easy to Make Troll Party Snacks


trolls snacks menu

First, for the main course we have two options: A fruity PB&J skewer or some yummy banana sushi rolls. 


I mean, these are not only easy to make but also, nutritious and VEGAN! 

The PB&J skewers are super fun to make, (if you have cookie cutters you can cut them up in cute shapes like stars!) 

*Of course, you can customize this depending on your child’s preferences, and also on their allergies. Substitutions can include: hummus, tzatziki, Nutella, jam-only

Banana Sushi Rolls 

Banana, peanut butter (or other butter if your child is allergic) and tortillas! If you want to fancy them up, you can add a dash of chocolate on top! 

Trolls World Tour Snacks- Banana Sushi Rolls

For dessert, we have two options RAINBOW CUPCAKES or RAINBOW POPCORN! 

Trolls World Party Rainbow Cupcakes

These super cute rainbow cupcakes are vanilla flavored, and the bright colors will surely be a kid-pleaser. 

Trolls World Tour Party- Rainbow Cupcakes

For a treat to snack on while you’re watching the movie, how about some trolls rainbow popcorn? Yummy, colorful and buttery, what’s not to like? 


Trolls Rainbow Popcorn! 


Looking for more Trolls World Tour party fun? Make sure to catch the world premiere at HOME (because it’s 2020 and we’re in quarantine!) on April 10th and you can also have fun with these free printables thanks to Dreamworks. 

*Note: this is not a compensated post. 

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