DIY Unicorn Birthday Banner

I love making arts and crafts. I wish I had more time, but I take what I can get. I love making banners for my kids. I decided to make a unicorn banner for my daughter’s first birthday. I didn’t do it to save money (because honestly, I probably spent more money on it than getting a generic one) but I did it because I wanted to have something personalized. I’m really proud of the final result, so I wanted to share the steps with you.

DIY Unicorn Birthday Banner


DIY Unicorn Banner


Ribbon or some other form of string

hole puncher

cardstock in preferred colors



Steps to make a DIY Unicorn Birthday Banner:

  1. Cut the cardstock in triangle shapes. I used this 12×12 cardstock  (available at Michael’s) in different colors and gold glitter cardstock as well.  I was able to get 3 triangles from each 12×12 cardstock.
  2. Find a pretty font to make the letters. I would normally use PicMonkey but I found that the font sizes weren’t big enough, so I used Word. I looked online for a pretty font, and I found one called “Sweet Hipster” here.  I printed the saying “Happy Birthday Sofia” a letter per page. I cut the letters a bit smaller than the color card stock in the first step. See pic:
  3. Make two holes on each triangle top. Like this
  4. Put the string through. (In the back so you don’t see it)Unicorn birthday banner tutorial
  5. VOILA!


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DIY Unicorn birthday banner tutorial


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