Disneyland for Adults: Yes Please!

PARADISE PIER — At Paradise Pier, located at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, Calif., attractions such as Mickey’s Fun Wheel, California Screamin’, and Toy Story Mania! pay homage to classic seaside amusement piers. When night falls, Paradise Pier comes to life with the dazzling spectacular, “World of Color.” For editorial news use only. (Paul Hiffmeyer/Disney)

IMG_3212Everyone thinks Disney is just for kids– but I will be honest, I’m a HUGE Disney fan. I always have been. Going to Disney as a child was one of my best memories… and now that I’m grown up I have to say, it hasn’t changed– Disney is LOADS of fun with AND without the kids — we recently went to Disneyland and I can tell you– Disneyland for adults is SO MUCH FUN.

You may not be convinced — you probably only associate Disney with children… but as someone who recently experienced it I can tell you, Disneyland with your girlfriends (or significant other!) can be SO MUCH FUN!

If you’re wondering if this is actually a thing — well I can tell you it is a childless Disneyland experience may be exactly what a stressed out parent may need. It’s like being transported to a moment where all that matters is laughter, silliness, and Mickey Mouse ears. Where the food is delicious, the rides are fun, and you feel like a kid again- with no worries about bills, deadlines, or lack of sleep.



What parent doesn’t want to sometimes just let go, and be a kid again? You may be wondering, why would I want to go to a place that is full of children? Well, let’s face it, children are magical. There is something about listening to their laughter and seeing their faces light up. There’s something about the magical Mickey Mouse ears and how you feel when you put them on!

If you don’t believe me, check out what these mamas have to say:

When you go to Disneyland, you check all of your worries at the entrance, which makes it impossible to have a bad time. By the time you come out you are so tired from all the fun that you leave worries for another time. – Claudya aka Unknown Mami

There are many reasons why I love Disney. But most of all, I love its familiarity. Even if you’ve never been to a Disney Park before, the moment you walk in there is an immediate sense of nostalgia because you know the characters and the landscape. Disney takes me back to my childhood when I still believed in fairy tales and happily ever afters. These are things that are easy to forget when you grow up. My love for Disney allows to forget about the realities of adulthood and just embrace the kid within. – Lisa from Atypical Familia



Disneyland is definitely not only for kids! Disneyland for adults can be so much fun! There is something for everyone!

Star Wars FANS!

Star Wars is now part of Disney and Disney sure knows how to delight Star Wars lovers! From a Star Wars imagined Space Mountain, to galactic themed burgers to Star Wars themed rice krispie treats.




If you love food and wine, then the perfect time for you to go is coming up in April! Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival is coming in April! (There is also a huge food and wine festival in Epcot as well!)

DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL (March 1, 2016) – The month-long Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival at the Disneyland Resort will celebrate the lifestyle and springtime flavors of California with a blend of culinary experiences, beginning Friday, April 1, 2016. Most events will take place Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through May 1 in Disney California Adventure Park, with special experiences such as culinary demonstrations; ticketed events featuring celebrity chefs and wine, beer and spirits seminars. (Disneyland Resort)



I had so much fun on the rides: Indiana Jones, Cars, and the Ferris Wheel at California Adventure!


Now, as an East Coast girl, normally I’d say visiting Disney World is the same, but I have to say, I appreciate the West Coast laid back vibe of Disneyland. I found it to be less crowded and overwhelming than Disney World (or maybe it was because I was stuffing my face with mickey Mouse ice cream without a care in the world!) In any case, planning a West Coast trip sans kids to Disneyland can be paired with fun times in LA or Long Beach, delicious eats and much more!

Everyone feels like a kid again at @disneyland! #Disneyland60 it’s magical! #weallgrow

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Are you a Disney lover? Do you love Disneyland? Have you been to Disneyland without kids? Share your experiences with us below!


Disclosure: Disney Parks was a sponsor of We All Grow Summit and invited me to check out the latest happenings at Disneyland. All expressions of excitement over the happiest place on earth are mine, of course.
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