Dear Parents Who Canceled Christmas

You’ve probably heard of the parents who decided to cancel Christmas this year. I read what the mom, Lisa Henderson, had to say and I have to say, I support them. They worry about entitled kids, and I say bravo to them for taking action and teaching their kids not to take things for granted. What they have done and why they did it is pretty awesome.

They’ve been getting some negative comments, but I wanted to tell them how much I admire what they are doing.

Dear Lisa and John



I wanted to say thank you. I think what you’re doing is great. I want to thank you for being the kind of parents that worry about raising entitled kids, because the truth is, there are far too many entitled children (and adults!) walking around. Kids who think that they HAVE to get presents, even if they don’t listen, don’t do well in school or misbehave. There are kids who don’t understand that all that stuff is extra, and that there are kids who don’t have presents or toys. So, good for you for taking a stand, and inspiring parents to do the same.

letter to parents that canceled christmas

Christmas should be more than about how many gifts kids get. I love that you are teaching your kids to help the less fortunate. We need more parents like you around. Your kids may not have been happy with your decision to cancel Christmas at your house, but I think they will probably get a lot out of the service projects you are doing with them, like donating clothes to the victims of the typhoon in Thailand.

letter to parents that canceled christmas 2




Thank you again for doing a great job as parents! I wish you and your children a beautiful Christmas season and a 2015 full of happiness, joy, love and health.


A mama that supports and admires you,


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